Rakuten Group Code of Ethics

In line with our vision as a Global Innovation Company and with our Brand Concepts as our guiding principles, we, as members of Rakuten Group, adhere to the highest ethical standards while maximizing Rakuten Group's value to shareholders and making positive contributions to society.

We obey the spirit of the law

We maintain the highest ethical standards. We consistently act in a manner that exemplifies our Group's Brand Ideal of Integrity.

We respect all people

We respect human rights, individual dignity and diversity of cultures and customs in order to ensure a fair and productive working environment for our entire staff.

We pursue customer satisfaction

We always put ourselves in our customers' shoes and always act to exceed their expectations. By delighting our customers, we increase the value of our company and are thereby able to achieve our mission of contributing to society.

We act with fairness

We believe the fundamental value of the internet is fairness and thus act with fairness in every aspect of our business activities in order to help consumers and business owners maximize the opportunities afforded to them by using the internet. In this context, we respect fair competition and provide appropriate information that will help service users fairly judge our services. We draw a line between public and private and avoid conflict of interests.

We communicate closely with society at large, and use and manage information carefully

We improve our transparency by communicating closely with shareholders and society at large and disclosing company information in a timely and appropriate manner. At the same time, we recognize that the information we keep, both that of Rakuten Group and of our customers, is of great value. We manage this information conscientiously and use it with great care.

We are responsible global citizens

We resist those who would threaten public safety or civil order. In pursuit of a just society, we staunchly reject any request to engage in illegal or morally questionable activity and thoroughly sever any relationship with those who make such requests.

We strive to contribute to a sustainable society

We sincerely respond to social problems and strive to contribute to a sustainable society mainly through our business operations and in cooperation with many other groups such as consumers, business owners, governments, educational institutions and local communities.

Revised on August 1, 2014