December 17, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.

Rakuten and Rakuten Card Launch
Rakuten Card with Rakuten Point Card Functions

- New credit card consolidates credit card, points service,
and e-money functions on a single card -

Tokyo, December 17, 2015 - Rakuten, Inc. and Rakuten Card Co., Ltd. announced that from today, the two companies have begun accepting applications for and issuing the “Rakuten Card with Rakuten Point Card Functions” (hereafter “Rakuten Card”), an integrated credit card equipped with the functions of the Rakuten Point Card and Rakuten Edy e-money services. In addition to Rakuten Cards, all Rakuten PINK Cards, Rakuten Premium Cards, Rakuten Black Cards, and Rakuten Card Academy cards issued in the future will also be equipped with Rakuten Point Card functions as a standard feature. 

In an online survey carried out by Rakuten in July 2014, approximately 70% of users said they would be inclined to use their credit card more than they do currently if their existing Rakuten Card also featured Rakuten Point Card functions. 

The new Rakuten Card is an integrated credit card that consolidates the functions of Rakuten Point Card and Rakuten Edy on a single card, capitalizing on the strengths of the Rakuten Group and all the services it offers. Until now, when users made purchases, they needed to carry and present a credit card, a Rakuten Point Card and Rakuten Edy e-money card respectively. However, by carrying this single Rakuten Card, users will be able to use and earn Rakuten Super Points more conveniently regardless of whether they choose to pay by credit card, e-money, or cash. In response to users’ wishes, the two companies are thus able to offer a credit card that allows users to earn the most Rakuten Super Points.

In addition, the Rakuten member ID and the Rakuten Point Card and Rakuten Edy numbers of users who have applied for this Rakuten Card will be linked in advance, making it unnecessary for users to register their numbers manually on the Rakuten Members site and allowing them to begin using and earning Rakuten Super Points immediately after obtaining their new cards*.

The Rakuten Point Card service was launched in October 2014. The service is available at a number of affiliated stores in a wide variety of services, including convenience stores, department stores and gasoline stands, and the number of affiliates is being expanded without the limit of one affiliate per industry segment, making it possible for users to choose their point service based on their lifestyle. In addition, Rakuten Super Points, which can be used and earned at Rakuten Point Card’s eligible affiliated stores, can also be used on the various Rakuten Group services, including Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel.

Rakuten and Rakuten Card aim to offer more convenient payment systems for users and to further improve customer convenience by utilizing the Rakuten Ecosystem which is centered on Rakuten Super Points.

Overview of the Rakuten Card with Rakuten Point Card Functions

Card name: Rakuten Card with Rakuten Point Card Functions


Starting date for accepting applications and issuing cards: December 17, 2015

Eligible cards: Rakuten Card, Rakuten Pink Card, Rakuten Premium Card, Rakuten Black Card, Rakuten Card Academy

Brands: MasterCard, JCB, Visa

Features: A Rakuten Card equipped with the Rakuten Point Card and Rakuten Edy e-money service functions. Supplementing a credit card with the shared point and e-money functions creates a convenient credit card, enabling Rakuten Super Points to be used and earned with one card. One Rakuten Super Point is earned for every JPY100, and double the normal points are earned on group payments, such as Rakuten Ichiba.

About Rakuten Point Card
A shared point service where in principle one Rakuten Super Point is earned per JPY100 by presenting the Rakuten Point Card or Rakuten Point Card App at eligible affiliated stores in various segments, including convenience stores, department stores, and gas stations. Earned points can be used not only at brick-and-mortar stores but also for Rakuten Group services including Rakuten Ichiba, one of the largest internet shopping malls in Japan. In addition, it is also possible for users to utilize the Rakuten Super Points they have earned by using their Rakuten Point Cards at eligible affiliated companies’ brick-and-mortar stores.

* To earn points on a Family Card it will be necessary to carry out the usage registration procedure on Rakuten e-NAVI, the dedicated website for Rakuten Card members, using the Rakuten Member ID and password matching the name the Family Card member is in.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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