October 8, 2015
  • Fusion Communications Corporation
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Mobile to Open Counters at
Joshin Denki Electronics Stores

Tokyo, October 8, 2015 - Fusion Communications Corporation, the telecommunications company of the Rakuten Group, today announced it will begin opening counters at Joshin Denki electronics stores operated by Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. from October 16. This will be the first time for Rakuten Mobile to open counters in an electronics store.

The first counter will open at Joshin Denki’s AEON MALL Dainichi store (Moriguchi City, Osaka) on October 16, followed by counters in Joshin Denki’s AEON MALL Shijonawate store (Shijonawate City, Osaka) and AEON MALL Urawa-Misono store (Saitama City, Saitama) in late October, and there are plans to expand to other Joshin Denki stores after that.

At the Rakuten Mobile counters inside Joshin Denki stores, visitors will not only be able to hear explanations of the services offered by Rakuten Mobile, but they will also be able to touch and try out the devices on display*1. Customers will also be able carry out mobile number portability (MNP)*2 applications on the same day.

Rakuten Mobile currently has counters set up in two Rakuten CAFE branches in Tokyo, and operates three dedicated Rakuten Mobile stores located in Osaka, Sendai, and Kobe. Rakuten Mobile will work to expand its presence in order to offer its services to as many people as possible.

About Rakuten Mobile Joshin Dainichi AEON MALL store
Address: 570-0016
1-18 Dainichi Higashimachi, Moriguchi City, Osaka
Location: 2F AEON MALL Dainichi, inside the Joshin Dainichi AEON Mall
Opening hours: 9:00-22:00
Fixed holidays: (Same as the Joshin Dainichi AEON MALL)

Services Available at Rakuten Mobiles Joshin Dainichi AEON MALL store
・Applications for new Rakuten Mobile contracts (SIM card only and device and SIM card sets) and MNP*2
・Provision of information about Rakuten Mobile’s various services

Documents required when making a contract:
・Credit card issued in the name of the contracting party
・Personal identification documents (driver’s license, National Health Insurance card, passport issued by the Government of Japan, Basic Resident Registration Card, Certificate of the Physically Disabled, Certificate of the Mentally Disabled, Special Permanent Resident Certificate, Alien Registration Card, Residence Card)
・Rakuten Card credit card information for customers wishing to pay for the device in installments
・MNP reservation number for customers wishing to make an MNP contract

Additional documents*4:
・Public utility bill receipt
・Certificate of residence
・Certificate of registered evacuation shelter location

*1 Some devices may not be available at certain stores.
*2 MNP (mobile number portability) is a system in which a customer can keep their current mobile phone number when changing to a new provider.
*3 The cancellation of current contracts and changing of customer information registered at the time of the application cannot be done at the stores.
*4 If the current address is different to the address on the identification documents, copies of the listed additional documents that have been issued within the past three months are required. If the address is not written on the Certificate of the Physically Disabled, the listed additional documents are also required.

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About Rakuten Mobile
Rakuten Mobile is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) service launched by Fusion on October 29, 2014 which utilizes NTT DOCOMO’s LTE network. Rakuten Mobile offers a wide variety of services, from low cost SIM-free device and calling SIM card sets to standalone low cost calling SIM cards and data SIM cards. The devices sold as part of the Rakuten Mobile sets come preinstalled with a variety of apps for services provided by the Rakuten group which can be used soon after purchasing.
Rakuten Mobile Website: https://mobile.rakuten.co.jp/

About Fusion Communications Corporation
Fusion Communications Corporation is a telecoms provider in Rakuten Group that provides fixed-line telecommunications (private lines), IP telephones, mobile services (Rakuten Mobile), and Internet-connected services under the concept of achieving “Everything over IP.” It is aiming to further develop and grow its business in order to create new possibilities in audio, data, content, and applications over its IP platform.
For more information: https://www.fusioncom.co.jp/

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