August 20, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Launches Express Delivery Service Rakubin

- Users in 4 wards in Tokyo can receive goods in as little as 20 minutes,
24 hours a day -

Tokyo, August 20, 2015 - Rakuten, Inc., today announced the full-scale launch of Rakubin, an express delivery service that can deliver ordered goods in as little as 20 minutes*1 , available in the wards of Shibuya, Meguro, Setagaya, and Minato*2 in Tokyo.

Through Rakubin, users can purchase approximately 450 product items, incuding convenience store goods, such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks, and drugstore goods, such as detergent, toilet paper and diapers, as well as top-ranking products on Rakuten Ichiba*3 and the sweets and coffee available at Rakuten CAFE.

By setting the address of the user registered under the Rakuten membership ID or a location displayed on the map in the app as the delivery location, and then selecting the goods they wish to buy through the dedicated smartphone app (available on iOS and AndroidTM), users can receive their order in as little as 20 minutes, 24 hours a day*4. As long as the location is within the service area, users can have their ordered goods delivered not just to their home or office but to any location where they would like to receive them, such as a store, restaurant or even a park.

In the Rakubin app, users can check the estimated time of delivery before placing their order. After the order has been completed, a delivery interval of 15 minutes will be displayed, allowing users to effectively make use of the time before the arrival of the order. The delivery cost for one order*5 is 390 yen (including tax) when users receive the goods beside the delivery vehicle at the specified location, and 770 yen (including tax) when the goods are delivered directly to users by a member of the delivery staff.

Rakubin has established a system whereby delivery vehicles loaded with goods go around the service area and deliver goods to the requested delivery locations when orders are received. Through an original system developed in-house, delivery instructions are automatically issued to the delivery vehicle that is able to carry out the delivery in the shortest time, based on the contents of the order and location information, making it possible to complete deliveries in a very short time.

In July, a soft launch of the service was carried out in the wards of Shibuya, Setagaya, and Meguro to verify the products and requirements for the service. With the service now available 24 hours a day, the Rakubin service has been fully launched with Minato Ward, which is expected to have a high demand for the service, added to the service area. In light of user demand and other factors, there are plans to further expand the service area and the number of products in the future.

Going forward, Rakuten will continue to propose new forms of internet shopping in order to provide a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience to as many people as possible.

Service Overview

Name: Rakubin
Service area: Shibuya Ward, Meguro Ward, Setagaya Ward, Minato Ward*1
Operating hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year*4
Number of products offered: Approximately 450 items
Product categories:
  -Beverages (soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, etc.)*3
  -Food (ready-made and instant meals, canned foods, sweets, snacks, etc.)
  -Drugstore products (detergent, body-care and health-care products, toilet paper, diapers, etc.)
  -Top ranking products on Rakuten Ichiba (food and beverages, daily goods etc.)
  -Products available at Rakuten CAFE (bread, sweets, coffee, etc.)
  -Other (lightbulbs, umbrellas, toothbrushes, etc.)

Delivery costs*5:
  -390 yen (including tax) when the user receives the order from the delivery vehicle at a specified location
  -770 yen (including tax) when the order is delivered directly to the user by a member of the delivery staff

How to use the service:
  1.Download the Rakubin smartphone application (free of charge).
  2.Tap on the “Log in” button and enter your Rakuten member ID and password*6.
  3.Specify the delivery location in the service area using the dedicated smartphone application, and check the estimated delivery time.
  4.Select the products and amounts you wish to purchase, and tap on the “shopping basket” button.
  5.Select the delivery method (receiving the products from the service vehicle, or having a member of the delivery staff deliver the products directly to you). Check the planned delivery time and the contents of the order*4.
  6.Select the credit card you wish to pay with and place the order. 
  7.After placing the order, you can check the planned delivery time and current location of the delivery vehicle in real-time. 
  8.When the vehicle arrives, a notification will be provided through the application, and the delivery staff will also call you. 
  9.Receive the goods in the method that you have selected. (Go to the delivery vehicle and receive your goods, or have a member of the delivery staff deliver the goods directly to you.)

Service website:

Website for application download:



*1 Delivery times may vary depending on factors such as the weather, road conditions, and the number of orders currently in the queue.
*2 Some areas within the four wards are not included in the service zone.
*3 These products are sold by Rakuten Mart, Inc. which is licensed to sell alcohol.
*4 There may be times when the service is temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance and other factors.
*5 The service is available for orders of 980 yen (including tax) or above. Delivery is free of charge for single orders of 2,500 yen or above (including tax) when the user selects to go to the delivery vehicle to pick up the goods.
*6 A Rakuten membership ID is required to use this service.

* iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc.
* Android (TM) is a trademark and registered trademark of Google Inc.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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