June 16, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Begins Offering Rakuten Reward
on IID, Inc. App

- Providing more opportunities to earn Rakuten Super Points and contributing
to increasing advertising revenue and higher app usage -

Tokyo, June 16, 2015 – Rakuten, Inc. announced that it is providing web media and content company IID, Inc. with the software development kit (SDK) for its Rakuten Reward service, which allows Rakuten Super Points to be awarded to users in-app. IID, Inc.’s “Odekake Lunch Search 30min.” app now provides the Rakuten Reward service. Until now, the Rakuten Reward service has been offered only in certain Rakuten Group applications, such as “Rakuten Web Search (Android™, iOS)” and “Rakuten Manga News (iOS).” This is the first time for the Rakuten Reward service to be offered in an app of a company outside the Rakuten Group. There are also plans to include the Rakuten Reward service in other apps from IID, Inc. in the future.

Rakuten Reward is a specialized app service that enables apps to provide users with “missions” that can earn the user Rakuten Super Points by completing. These missions can lead to an improvement in app usage rates and increased revenue from advertising. Missions include a range of actions, such as opening an app, and additional points can be earned for actions such as regularly using an app, or tapping an advert or watching a video displayed after a mission. Each mission has a set number of Rakuten Super Points that the user can earn for completing.

Data on the Rakuten Group services apps that provide the Rakuten Reward service show that since offering the service, the apps have seen not only an increase in the number of launches of the app and the rate of regular use of the app, but also in the amount of time the user spends in the app. For example, with the Rakuten Manga News app, which provides the latest news in the form of a manga comic, by setting a mission of completely reading 10 manga news stories, both the number of launches of the app and the time users spend in the app have increased.

IID, Inc. is anticipating that by introducing the Rakuten Reward service into its apps, the usage rate and advertising revenue from its apps. By providing the Rakuten Reward service for use in the apps of the rapidly growing IID, Inc., Rakuten is aiming to create new opportunities for its members to earn Rakuten Super Points and further expand its user base.

Overview of App with Rakuten Reward

Rakuten Reward service website
For app developers: https://reward.rakuten.co.jp/developers-publishers/
For app users: https://reward.rakuten.co.jp/

About IID, Inc.’s app offering the Rakuten Reward Service
App name: Odekake Lunch Search 30min.
Overview: A convenient app for finding places to eat lunch or visit that enables users to search for popular lunch spots and attractions highlighted in blog entries and to share information about the stores and locations they visit.
https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id286774966?mt=8 (iOS)




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