May 29, 2015
  • Rakuten Securities Inc.

Rakuten Securities to Acquire
Hong Kong FX Business

TOKYO, May 29, 2015 - Rakuten Securities, Inc. today announced its decision to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of the FX business “FXCM Asia Limited” (hereinafter “FXCM Hong Kong”) based in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter “Hong Kong”). The acquisition of the shares will take place after receiving approval from the authorities in Hong Kong*1. This FX business acquisition represents the first ever overseas enterprise by Rakuten Securities.

FXCM Hong Kong is a subsidiary company of FXCM Inc., a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. FXCM Hong Kong has been a leading FX company in Hong Kong since its founding in 2002, and has established an outstanding customer base in the region. Rakuten Securities is moving to further expand its FX business base, and the company also acquired 100% of the shares of FXCM Japan Securities Co., Ltd. this April (integration is scheduled for August 1). This latest acquisition is the first time that Rakuten Securities has expanded into the FX business outside of Japan, and the company believes it will now be able to expand its business yet further. 

Rakuten Securities has provided FX services since 2003. In January 2013, the company completely revamped its FX services, and now provides its customers with a range of highly convenient FX services, such as the high performance FX trading tool “MARKETSPEED FX,” along with one of the industry’s most competitive spread of 0.003JPY (dollar/yen), and the smartphone FX trading application “iSPEED FX.” The company ranks fifth*2 among the Japanese domestic retail FX industry in terms of transaction value. The company will continue to position the FX business as one of its core securities businesses, and aims to increase its trading volume even further.

*1 The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong 
*2 Based on monthly reports published by the Financial Futures Association of Japan regarding transaction value (in Japanese yen)

Corporate Name:              Rakuten Securities, Inc. (Rakuten Securities website)
Company Registration ID: Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments Firms) No.195
Association Membership:   Japan Securities Dealers Association
                                      The Financial Futures Association of Japan
                                      The Commodity Futures Association of Japan

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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