April 23, 2015
  • Fusion Communications Corporation
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Rakuten Mobile to Offer
SONY Mobile Xperia™ J1 Compact

- Special 5,000 yen Edy credit bonus for those who reserve and pay in full for the device -

Tokyo, April 23, 2015 – Fusion Communications Corporation, the telecommunications company of the Rakuten Group, announced that from today it will begin accepting orders the “Xperia™ J1 Compact” produced by Sony Mobile Communications Inc., as part of its Rakuten Mobile sets*1. The sales and shipments of the Xperia™ J1 Compact are scheduled to begin on June 1.

The Xperia™ J1 Compact is a high-spec smartphone that is compact enough to be used with one hand and is equipped with the Osaifu-Keitai® (mobile wallet) function. The device being offered by Rakuten Mobile comes preinstalled with a variety of Rakuten Group apps, such as “Rakuten Gateway,” “Rakuten Denwa,” “Viber,” “R Point Card,” and the “Rakuten Edy” electronic money app, where every 200 yen spent using Rakuten Edy will earn the user one Rakuten Super Point once set up. Having Rakuten Edy preinstalled will make it simpler for customers to use the service.

A Rakuten Edy app campaign will be held to commemorate the launch of the Xperia™ J1 Compact. Customers who reserve an Xperia™ J1 Compact to be paid for in full in a single payment, and register for Rakuten Super Points using their Rakuten Edy app, will receive a present of 5,000 yen in Rakuten Edy credit*2. In addition, customers making Rakuten Edy payments with an Xperia™ J1 Compact will earn double the usual amount of points (2 points for every 200 yen spent)*3.

Features of the Xperia™ J1 Compact

1. Can be operated smoothly and comfortably with one hand
The thin, light design makes it easy to hold, and the matte-finish back panel with its rounded edges fits snugly in the hand, making it easy to operate with one hand. The elegant side frame is designed to be scratch- and shock-resistant.

2. Stamina Mode makes the battery last longer
The Xperia™ J1 Compact is equipped with a Stamina Mode, which reduces power consumption, making the battery last even longer. Stamina Mode extends battery life by switching off functions such as GPS location tracking and mobile data communication, which normally continue to run even when the screen is off.

3. Beautiful photos and great sound
The approximately 20.7 megapixel camera is the highest yet in the Xperia™ series, and is capable of taking beautiful photos even in low light conditions. The proprietary audio technology that Sony has cultivated through its work on the Walkman® brings great sound quality. The ClearAudio+TM function adjusts the equalizer and provides a wide range of effects to make it sound like you are right there in the recording studio.

Specifications of the device


Sony Mobile Communications Inc.


Android™ 4.4


2.2GHz quad-core


Triluminos® for mobile/HD:1280×720




Front camera: Effective pixel count of approximately 2.2 megapixels

Back-illuminated CMOS image sensor: Exmor R for mobile

Rear camera: Effective pixel count of approximately 20.7 megapixels

Back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor: Exmor RS for mobile

Battery capacity



Length 128mm, width 65mm, thickness 9.7mm


Approximately 138g

SIM type

Micro SIM



Price of the device

Lump-sum payment: 54,800 yen
Installment payments*4: 2,466 yen x 24 months

Xperia™ J1 Compact lump-sum payment reservation campaign


A present of 5,000 yen in Rakuten Edy credit

Campaign Period

April 23 to May 30, 2015

Campaign URL

https://mobile.rakuten.co.jp/campaign/xperia_edy/ (Japanese)

Rakuten Super Points double present campaign


Double the usual amount of Rakuten Super Points
(2 points for every 200 yen spent) 

Campaign Period

April 23 to December 25, 2015

Campaign URL

https://mobile.rakuten.co.jp/campaign/xperia_edy/ (Japanese)

*1 MNP (Mobile Number Portability) applications will begin at a later date. The start date will be displayed on the website.
*2 Applies to applications made from April 23 to May 30, 2015.
*3 Only those who purchase an Xperia™ J1 Compact and register for Rakuten Edy and Rakuten Super Points are eligible. It is also necessary to enter the campaign.
*4 Prices are tax inclusive. The tax-exclusive installment payment price is the same as the lump-sum price. There are no installment payment fees. Installment payments can only be made with a Rakuten Card. The price of each installment is calculated by subtracting the Rakuten Super Points payment sum and then dividing the total by 24. Fractional sums will be rounded up and the amount will be added to the first installment sum.

About Rakuten Mobile
Rakuten Mobile is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) service launched by Fusion on October 29, 2014 which utilizes NTT DOCOMO’s LTE network. Rakuten Mobile offers a wide variety of services, from low cost SIM-free device and calling SIM card sets to standalone low cost SIM cards and data SIM cards. Rakuten Mobile Website: https://mobile.rakuten.co.jp/

About Fusion Communications Corporation
Fusion Communications Corporation is a telecoms provider in Rakuten Group that provides fixed-line telecommunications (private lines), IP telephones, mobile services (Rakuten Mobile), and Internet-connected services under the concept of achieving “Everything over IP.” It is aiming to further develop and grow its business in order to create new possibilities in audio, data, content, and applications over its IP platform. For more information: https://www.fusioncom.co.jp/

About Rakuten Edy
Rakuten Edy is a prepaid e-money service that employs FeliCa contactless IC card technology and can be used at over 410,000 member stores across Japan (as of March 31, 2015). Rakuten Edy can be used at a wide range of bricks-and-mortar stores including convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, and fast food restaurants, as well as company, school, and hospital cafeterias. Rakuten Edy website: https://www.rakuten-edy.co.jp/howto/start/language/en/

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