March 31, 2015
  • Rakuten Securities

Rakuten Securities to Launch
Apple Watch-compatible iSPEED App

Stock App will be available from the launch day Apple Watch

Tokyo, March 31, 2015 - Rakuten Securities, Inc. has announced that its iSPEED stock app is compatible with the Apple Watch. The app will be available from the launch day of the Apple Watch, April 24, 2015. The iSPEED app allows users to determine the prices of stocks they are interested in and access the latest news easily and in real time via their Apple Watch while on the move or away from their home or office, without having to check their iPhone or personal computer. The Apple Watch compatible version of the app, iSPEED 4.2.0., has been available for download from the AppStore since March 27, 2015.

With the Apple Watch-compatible iSPEED stock app, users can select up to ten indices and stocks to be displayed on their Apple Watch, making it possible to check the share prices of the registered stocks they own or are interested in at any time or place, right from their wrist. In addition, if the user registers the stocks they are interested in on their iPhone, they can receive notifications on their Apple Watch about news related to the stocks or when the stock reaches a preset price.

Rakuten Securities began offering the iSPEED stock app for iPhone in September 2010, and in November 2014 it released MARKETSPEED for Mac, the first stock trading tool that runs on Mac computers in Japan. With the release of iSPEED compatible with the Apple Watch, Rakuten Securities now offers stock apps that run on all of Apple’s products, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Apple Watch. Doing forward, Rakuten Securities will continue to strive to provide cutting edge services that meet the needs of it users.

Overview of iSPEED for the Apple Watch


【1】See which stocks have gone up or down in price from the previous day at a glance
Stocks that have gone up in price and those that have gone down from the previous day are displayed by color code so that users can identify them at a glance when viewed on the Apple Watch. Tapping on individual items will switch to a screen showing the details of each stock. Users can register up to ten indices, foreign exchanges, and individual stocks.

【2】Be notified via an alert on the latest news for registered stocks
The app will display headlines for the latest news for stocks registered by users. The full text for each news item can be checked on the user’s iPhone.

【3】Be notified via an alert when a stock reaches a preset price
The app will inform users when a registered stock reaches a certain stock price. Alert notifications are set via the user’s iPhone, but changes to the price can also be set via the Apple Watch. Changes to settings will automatically be reflected in those for the iPhone app as well.

Target users

Customers with an account at Rakuten Securities

Usage fee


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