January 23, 2015
  • Rakuten Research, Inc.

Rakuten Research Releases Results of Valentine’s Day Survey

- The success rate for confessing one’s love on Valentine’s Day is over 40% and
this year less than 5% of respondents will give presents to someone they have feelings for -

Tokyo, January 23, 2015 – Rakuten Research conducted an internet survey related to Valentine’s Day. The survey was carried out over two days, from January 14 to January 15, 2015, and was aimed at 1,000 men and women throughout Japan in their 20s – 60s from the monitors who are registered with Rakuten Research (appropriately 2.3 million people).


Overview of the Survey Results

This Valentine’s Day, less than 5% of the respondents are planning to give a present to someone they have feelings for
When asked who the respondents would be giving presents to for Valentine’s Day this year, most of the respondents replied “My partner (husband or boyfriend)” (49.2%), followed by “A family member” (33.4%) and “Someone I am obligated to give a present to (colleagues or male friends)” (20.4%). On the other hand, the percentage of people who answered “Someone I have feelings for (someone I am interested in or have a crush on)” was the lowest at 4.6%. Excluding those respondents who won’t be giving presents to someone else, 13.4% of them plan to give chocolates to someone they have feelings for, while 77.3% have decided not to give presents.

It also came to light that 24.2% of the respondents plan to purchase chocolates and other such gifts for themselves.

Masaki Aiba and Sota Fukushi were tied in first place for guys that would be kind enough to eat failed homemade chocolate as if it tasted great
Masaki Aiba and Sota Fukushi were tied in first place as the answer to the question “What male celebrity would be kind enough to eat handmade chocolates you made for him for Valentine’s Day that didn’t turn out well, as if they tasted great?” Next up was Sanma Akashiya in second place, followed by Hidehiko Ishizuka in third, then Tori Matsuzaka, and Osamu Mukai.

Roughly 20% of women have confessed their love on Valentine’s Day, of which more than 40% were successful
Roughly 20% (19.8%) of the women replied “I have confessed my love on Valentine’s Day.” More than 40% of these women later went on to date the other person (43.4%).

Outline of the Survey
Survey area: Japan, Nationwide  
Survey respondents: Men and women between 20 and 69
Number of samples collected: 1,000 samples
Survey period: From January 14 to 15, 2015
Institution that carried out survey: Rakuten Research

The results of the survey can be found at the following site (Japanese): 

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