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May 21, 2014
  • Rakuten, Inc

Rakuten Auction and Ticketstreet Begin Linking Data for Ticket Sales

Tokyo, May 27, 2014 – Rakuten Auction, Inc. (hereafter “Rakuten Auction”) and Ticketstreet Inc. (hereafter “Ticketstreet”) announced today that the two companies have begun linking their ticket data on May 21, 2014. 

Through this data tie-up, tickets posted on Ticketstreet, Ticketstreet’s secondary marketplace for entertainment tickets,will automatically be registered and posted on Rakuten Auction, an Internet auction site run by Rakuten Auction. 

For sellers on Ticketstreet, this arrangement will increase their sales opportunities as their tickets will also be registered and posted on Rakuten Auction simultaneously. This will also increase the selection of tickets available for purchase by Rakuten Auction customers. Additionally, as with any other winning bid on Rakuten Auction, if a ticket from Ticketstreet is sold on Rakuten Auction,  Rakuten Super Points will be awarded based on the sales price.

Rakuten Auction and Ticketstreet are committed to further improving their usability through this mutual platform.

About Rakuten Auction (http://auction.rakuten.co.jp)
Rakuten Auction is a free-market auction site jointly financed by Rakuten, Inc. and NTT Docomo, Inc. Users of Rakuten Auction can carry out transactions simply and safely, and under a pseudonym, through the “Rakuten Safe Auction Service.” Rakuten Auction offers free registration, usage and exhibition on the site, and Rakuten Super Points are awarded based on the sales price to the winner of the auction.

About Ticketstreet (http://ticket.st/)
With a mission of “bringing the excitement of live entertainment to everyone,” Ticketstreet is a secondary marketplace for tickets for entertainment events, such as music, plays and sports, connecting people who wish to sell tickets to those who wish to buy them. Ticketstreet provides a “Safety Plus” service, which offers not only refunds for forged tickets or the late delivery of tickets, but also compensation in case of the cancellation or postponement of a performance by the performer, contributing to creating a safer and more secure secondary marketplace for tickets.

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