December 5, 2013
  • Fusion Communications Corp.

Fusion to Launch “Rakuten Denwa” Phone Service

Halve your calling charges and still keep your own number!
Earn Rakuten Super Points too

TOKYO, December 5, 2013 –Fusion Communications Corp., the Rakuten Group telecommunications carrier, today launched the “Rakuten Denwa” service which will revolutionize smartphone calling charges.

Rakuten Denwa is a discount telephone service in the form of a dedicated smartphone app, activated following quick and easy online registration. Once the app is up and running, customers can save half on calls to different mobile carriers or landlines through the app*. 

Three special features of Rakuten Denwa

●Half price smartphone calls*

In recent years, as use of LTE smartphones has spread, customers have been subject to a diminishing range of calling plan options compared to feature phones. In addition, spending per customer on phone calls is rising, with standard calling plans across all companies now charging 21 yen (incl. tax) for 30 seconds of talking time, and free call no longer included in basic monthly charges.

Rakuten Denwa charges a flat rate of just 10.5 yen (incl. tax) per 30 seconds, for calls to anywhere in Japan. Customers pay nothing in addition to the calling rate – there are no initial or monthly charges.

● High quality talk using cellular phone numbers

There is no need to worry about dropped calls while on the move, heavy static, or other call quality issues, because voice is delivered via Fusion telephone lines, unlike free phone apps that use packet communication.Those receiving calls will notice no difference, as customer’s existing number will appear as usual.

● Earn Rakuten Super Points

Maximize Rakuten Group benefits by earning 1 Point for every 100 yen spent on calls. Points can be used on Rakuten Group services such as Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel, making them more broadly applicable than the points earned with user’s existing carrier.

Fusion will continue to seek the creation of services to truly benefit customers under its founding concept, “Drastically change the telecommunications environment in Japan.”

■ Please refer to the service site for further details.

*Compared to plans charging 21 yen/30 seconds (incl. tax) for calls


About Fusion Communications Corp.

The telecommunications company of Rakuten Group that offers fixed line (Myline), IP telephone, mobile (Rakuten Mobile) and internet connection services to realize its “Everything over IP” concept. It aims to further develop and expand through the generation of new possibilities from IP platform voice and data, content, and applications. For details, please visit



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