November 19, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc.

“Rakuten Tasukeai” Launched to Provide Relief to the Victims of the Philippines Typhoon Disaster

- Donations of Goods for Newborn Babies Asked for in the First of
a Series of Relief Supplies to Be Provided -

TOKYO, November 19, 2013 – Rakuten, Inc. today announced the launch of “Rakuten Tasukeai,” a special site where users may donate specific products bought on the Internet shopping mall, Rakuten Ichiba, to aid to the victims of the Philippines typhoon disaster.

This time, the Rakuten Tasukeai asked Rakuten users to donate desperately needed relief supplies bought from merchants on Rakuten Ichiba, which Rakuten put together to transport to the Philippines. This initiative aims to deliver supplies to people in various disaster stricken areas, including Leyte Island. The system set up with the aim of providing support to children in disaster-stricken areas after the Great East Japan Earthquake is being used once again to provide relief to disaster-stricken areas after the Philippines typhoon. It is the first time for the Rakuten Tasukeai system to be implemented in an overseas initiative.

Regarding the transport of relief supplies, since the local logistics network in the Philippines has been rendered unreliable by the disaster, Rakuten employees will airfreight them directly to the Philippines in-person to ensure the quick and safe delivery of supplies to victims. The relief supplies will be gathered at SMEAG, the English school which Rakuten has been using as part of its English training program. The supplies will be delivered through the school staff to victims, based on detailed information of the local conditions.

Moreover, the supplies for which donations will be solicited will be based on information publicized by the Philippine Embassy on their official website. Decisions shall also be made upon continued efforts to obtain on-site information on what supplies are needed most. In the first of a series of relief supplies to be provided, Rakuten began selling goods centered on newborn babies, such as undergarments and powdered milk. With the cooperation of merchants who sell the goods targeted for donations on Rakuten Ichiba, the supplies are being sold at specially discounted prices.

Rakuten will deliver desperately needed supplies to people in disaster-stricken areas as soon as possible, with the cooperation of Rakuten Ichiba merchants and users, and strive to contribute to the quick recovery of the disaster-stricken region and its people.

Information on where the donated supplies are delivered to shall be announced on “Rakuten Tasukeai” ( at a later date.

Overview of “Rakuten Tasukeai” in the Philippines Typhoon Disaster

■ Date of Launch: November 19, 2013
■ URL:
■ Supplies to be delivered to Leyte Island, Northern Cebu Island, etc., in the Philippines.
They will be delivered to victims of the disaster as required, depending on how badly they were affected by Typhoon No. 30.

About Sales of the First Shipment of Supplies
■    Duration of Sales: Starting November 19, 2013 and finishing when sold out

Product: Underwear for newborn babies
・Price: 200 yen (includes tax and postage)
・Number to be sold: 300
・Cooperating merchants: Akachan World, Oz

Product: Powdered milk – Bean Stalk Sukoyaka M1
・Price: 2,150 yen (includes tax and postage)
・Number to be sold: 496 cans
・Cooperating merchant: Muragen

Product: SOYJOY four pack set
・Price: 525 yen (includes tax and postage)
・Number to be sold: 3,000 sets
・Cooperating merchant: Kusuri no Benkyodo


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