November 3, 2013
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Rakuten Nihonichi Sale!

Campaign Offering Up to 82 Times More Points Than Usual, and Lottery Draws for Luxury Goods, for Using the Various Services of the Rakuten Group

Tokyo, November 3, 2013 – Rakuten, Inc. announced the holding of a “Rakuten Nihonichi Sale” starting within 30 minutes from now, and ending 1:59 A.M. on Thursday, November 7, to commemorate the victory of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (hereinafter, Rakuten Eagles) in the “Konami Nippon Series 2013” and as a gesture of gratitude for the passionate, daily support of fans.

A campaign will be run during the Rakuten Nihonichi Sale offering up to 82 times more points than usual for using the various services of the Rakuten Group, in accordance with the number of wins recorded in the pennant race by the Rakuten Eagles this season. Sales will also be held in association with Manager Senichi Hoshino’s player number, 77, and his name “Senichi” (which in Japanese can also mean “a thousand and one”). Rakuten Kobo will offer the eReader, kobo glo, at half price, while Rakuten GORA will sell packages offering rounds of golf for 1,001 yen at 47 golf courses. Other than that, various Rakuten Group services will offer lottery draws for luxury goods and loss leaders.

Below is an outline of the “Rakuten Nihonichi Sale"


“Rakuten Niponichi Sale” Overview

■ Duration: Starting within 30 minutes of winning, going through to 1:59 A.M. on Thursday, November 7
■ URL:
* Accessible only for the duration of the sale

■ Main Details:

(1) Campaign offering up to 82 times more points than usual

How to become eligible: Enter through the “Entry Button” on the Victory Sale page.

Details: Become eligible for up to 82 times more points than usual for shopping on Rakuten Ichiba, depending on the conditions under which you make use of the various Rakuten Group services.

(2)Campaign offering giveaways (some examples of giveaways)

How to become eligible:Apply through the giveaway page of each service.

- Rakuten Ichiba:Toyota Crown Athlete 2.5 (1 winner), Cartier Pasha C (1 winner), etc.

- Rakuten Travel:In association with becoming No. 1 in Japan, a hotel coupon (for two) for a night at Kozantei Ubuya, a Lake Kawaguchi hot spring hotel offering views of Japan’s No. 1 mountain, Mt. Fuji, will be given away.

- Rakuten Books :PlayStation®4 (7 winners) * Delivered after it goes on sale in February 2014

(3) Loss leader campaign (some examples of loss leaders)

- Rakuten Ichiba: Limited-time sales offering 77% discounts, 1,001 yen sales and other specials.

- Rakuten Kobo: eReader, kobo glo, will be offered for half price. Anyone who logs on to the free Rakuten Kobo app for the first time, and purchases the first eBook through Rakuten Kobo, will be given 777 Rakuten Super Points. One out of every 77 people who purchase eBooks during the campaign will become eligible for 100 times more points than usual (up to a maximum of 10,000 points).

- Rakuten Travel: Accommodation packages at popular domestic and international hotels will be offered for half price (around 700 packages).

- Rakuten Card: All money used during the sale will be refunded as Rakuten Super Points (1,001 winners).
* Up to a maximum of 50,000 points.

- Rakuten Wedding: A lottery draw will be held to give away “Proposing Packages” offered by Rakuten Wedding, including free stays and dinner with night views at luxury hotels (for 25 couples), or with 50% discounts (for 230 couples).

- Rakuten GORA: Packages offering rounds of golf for 1,001 yen at 47 golf courses will be sold (to 135 groups).

- Rakuten Delivery: Delivered pizzas and sushi will be offered with discounts of up to 50%.

- Rakuten Auction : A charity auction will be held to auction off a set of 15 baseballs autographed by Rakuten Eagles players.

- Rakuten Books : A sale will be held offering discounts of up to 77% off books, DVDs and games (over 5,000 products), and a sale will also be held offering 1,001 yen discounts off DVDs.

Among others.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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