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October 28, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Winners of the Rakuten Technology
Award 2013 Announced

- Awarded to Individuals and Organizations Who Contributed Globally
to the Advancement of Web Technology -

Tokyo, October 28, 2013 ? Rakuten, Inc. announced the winners of the Rakuten Technology Award 2013 at the Rakuten Technology Conference 2013 held on October 26.

Rakuten Technology Awards are given away in recognition of achievements that contribute globally to the innovation and evolution of web technology, and it was the 6th time this year for the awardevent to be held. Winners were chosen by the Rakuten Technology Award Selection Committee (Chairperson: Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and CEO of Rakuten), who were the individuals and organizations that contributed most to the advancement and development of technology this year.

Rakuten will continue contributing to the advancement of technology in support of Internet services through a variety of initiatives.

Rakuten Technology Award 2013

■ Gold Prize
Professor Satoshi Matsuoka  (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology  / Project Leader, Supercomputer TSUBAME  Project)
[Reason for awarding]
Prof. Matsuoka leads the project to develop the world-class supercomputer, TSUBAME, as its designer and person in charge. Server architecture was utilizedsed to achieve outstanding performance, and in 2010, it was upgraded to TSUBAME 2.0 upon massively boosting its energy efficiency. It achieved the remarkable feat of ranking second in Green500 in 2010, and recorded 1192TFLOPS in 2011 to rank fifth worldwide and second in Japan. TSUBAME 2.5 has further boosted operational performance and energy efficiency, and the challenge continues to create TSUBAME 3.0 to hone its performance even further. It has made possible what was impossible to calculate on current computer systems, and simultaneously provided a convenient supercomputer environment to many users, expanding the potential of supercomputer use. Rakuten will pay homage to these achievements, hold them in high regard, and look forward to further developments in the future.

■ Silver Prize
Mr. James O. Coplien (Software Architecture and Agile Consultant, Gertrud & Cope)
[Reason for awarding]
Mr. Coplien played a pivotal role in taking the method of explicating tacit knowledge  and pattern language,  a dialog process which has its roots in architecture, and applying them to knowledge and processes, forming the core of software designing and development. The research he published on highly productive teams influenced Scrum, created by the inventors including Mr. Jeff Sutherland, and contributed greatly to the establishment of the agile development method. In recent years, he has also been actively involved in the Scrum community, and he continues to be an influential figure in software architecture and organizational software development, for which he has won high appraisal from Rakuten.  

Mr. Makoto Shirota (Senior IT Analyst Researcher, Nomura Research Institute)
[Reason for awarding]
Mr. Shirota engages in research into cutting-edge IT technology and its impact on business as a senior IT analyst, and provides easy-to-understand commentary on technological trends. In particular, his books, “Cloud-no Shogeki (The Impact of the Cloud)” and “Big Data-no Shogeki (The Impact of Big Data)” are based on meticulous research, and he provides careful commentary on everything from the finer details to the bigger picture through software products on which they are based and the theories behind them, interspersed with actual examples of the technology being used. In this way he has not only given people working closely with the Internet, but general people as well the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the true nature of the changes that are taking place. He has contributed to the boosting of technical literacy, and promoted the better understanding of new technological trends on the Internet for which he has won high appraisal from Rakuten.

■ Ruby Prize
Ms. Yuki Torii (Rails Girls Tokyo organizer)
[Reason for awarding]
Ms. Torii is the organizer of Rails Girls Tokyo, the Japanese version of Rails Girls that has now become a global trend. The organization has become a new grass roots movement for the engineer community, and demonstrated its potential in aiming to allow more women to acquire skills and discover the fun of making things by inspiring people with no previous experience in programming to actively study it. She has won high appraisal for her efforts to promote the joys of manufacturing, and Rakuten wishes to show its support for her.

Mr. Hiroyuki Horin (Manager, Japan UNIX Society)
[Reason for awarding]
Mr. Horin is the former President and current Manager of Japan UNIX Society (jus). He has supported the activities of UNIX and Linux communities for a long time, and contributed to opensource community events over a long time as a coordinator and moderator. Since 2003, for over 10 years, he has organized Lightweight Language Events (LL Events), contributing massively to the promotion of the Lightweight Language community in Japan. He has won high appraisal from Rakuten for his continued efforts over the years to provide opportunities for engineers to have insights, learn, contribute, and take on challenges.
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[Selection Committee]
Chairperson:        Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and& CEO, Rakuten, Inc.
Committee Members:    Hiroaki Yasutake, Senior Executive Officer and Director, Rakuten, Inc.
                                        Masaya Mori, Executive Officer, Rakuten Institute of Technology
                                        Yukihiro Matsumoto, Fellow, Rakuten Institute of Technology
                                        Rakuten Technology Conference Secretariat
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