October 24, 2013
  • Rakuten Edy, Inc.

Some 2,000 Eateries around Japan Start Accepting Rakuten Edy e-money Payments
in Late October, Including Shirokiya, Uotami and Warawara

Tokyo, October 24, 2013 - Monteroza, Inc. and Rakuten Edy, Inc. today announced the progressive rollout of the Rakuten Edy e-money service from October 28 across Monteroza’s 2,040 establishments (as of October 1, 2013) nationwide, the majority of which are eateries.

Monteroza is a multi-faceted business managing 2,040 outlets across Japan. It is primarily a restaurant business, but it also has a complex café business, a nail salon business, a franchise operation and a meal delivery service. Rakuten Edy will first be phased in across the 24 “wip” Comic & Internet Cafés that make up its complex café business, where customers will be able to pay their charges using e-money. It is expected that all restaurants owned by Monteroza will introduce Rakuten Edy by next spring.  

Rakuten Edy allows customers to earn 1 Rakuten Super Point or 1 mile with ANA for every 200 yen spent with the benefit of e-money: quick, cash-free transactions.

The companies are planning a range of joint campaigns in the aim of further boosting customer satisfaction.

Outline of the service

■ Start of service:  October 28, 2013
                          Comic & Internet Café wip installs and launches Rakuten Edy service

■Where: 2,040 establishments (as of October 1, 2013)
Shirokiya, Uotami and Warawara izakaya; Sennen no Utage and Horumon Oideya restaurants; seafood izakaya Fukufukuya; restaurant Tsuki no Utage; Sho-Chu Style Kuromaru; Korean restaurant Gunchan; Hokkaido-Yokohama restaurant Uoman; seafood restaurant Mekiki No Ginji; grilled chicken restaurant Medetaya; izakaya Uchikuru 268; casual dining Kocoro-ya; okonomiyaki restaurant Mitsue-chan; Yamauchi Nojo; Taketori Sake Monogatari; Yakuzo; Kami Fusen; Tori No George; Monte Cafe; Monte Beer; Tsuki No Hana tofu restaurant; Uogin sushi restaurant; Ore No Katsu Katsu Kuroda; Sushizamurai; Umaigohanya; Waratteiru Shokudo; karaoke chain Utanosuke; Koganemushi amusement dining; Comic & Internet Café wip; and Nail&MakeUp MONTEROZA2008

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