October 17, 2013
  • Kobo Inc.

Kobo to launch Kobo Aura E-reader
in Japanese Market
Pre-orders Start Today

TOKYO, October 17, 2013 - Kobo Inc., a subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc., today announced the launch of the new e-reader Kobo Aura in Japan. Pre-orders for the Kobo Aura open today https://kobo.rakuten.co.jp/ereaders/koboaura/ and will ship in early December for 12,800 yen (incl. tax).

The Kobo Aura e-reader has been rolled out across the Kobo bookshop network worldwide starting from September 16, 2013 and has received high praise from readers. The Kobo Aura boasts a beautifully smooth high-resolution flat display (212 dpi), which virtually eliminates ghosting and decreases page refresh frequency, allowing for a stress free and immersive book reading experience. Furthermore, now at 4GB of storage – with 3GB free to use – the e-reader can store up to 3,000 text-based books, and 60-150 heavy titles such as comics. It easily fits in a pocket for those on the move, and weighing in at just 174g despite holding approximately three times more content than existing models, long reading sessions can be enjoyed in comfort.  

Since Kobo Inc. launched its e-book service on July 19 last year, it has addressed the needs of readers with multiple devices by providing free Kobo Android and iOS apps for devices other than its three existing e-readers, kobo Touch, kobo glo and kobo mini. A lighter e-reader with better interactivity, the Kobo Aura provides all book lovers with a more comfortable reading environment.

Online pre-orders for the Kobo Aura are available via the Rakuten Ichiba website from today, and from early December it will be available on Rakuten Ichiba and some electronics stores and bookshops.

Kobo aims to ensure a pleasant reading experience to Japanese readers by further enriching the content of the Rakuten Kobo e-bookstore and offering superior devices and apps. Special Rakuten Kobo Sleep Cover (available in Black or Pearl Grey) will come in a set with Kobo Aura e-reader when pre-ordered online via Rakuten Ichiba website.

Details of the new e-reader are as follows.



Main features
・High resolution (212dpi) 6-inch flat screen with E Ink Pearl display
・Even and consistent ComfortLight front-light technology
・Pinch and zoom function to view comics and other content with set layout
・Less frequent page refresh due to ghosting or page turning

・Color:Black, pink
・Display:6-inch high resolution E Ink Pearl display (low-flash screen technology, 16-level grayscale)
※Only PDF documents sold through the kobo eBookstore are supported.
・Storage capacity/free space remaining:Approx. 4GB/Approx. 3GB (3,000 text-based books, or 60-150 comics) (*1)
・Memory expansion:microSD (up to 2GB)/microSDHC (up to 32 GB)
※Memory cards sold separately.
・Wi-Fi (wireless LAN):IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (WEP/WPA/WPA2)
・Dimensions:114 x 150 x 8.1 mm
・Light:Includes front-light
・Battery:life on full charge Up to 8 weeks (*2)
・Font:Japanese fonts (Morizawa), European fonts, size adjustable
・Shipping date:Early December 2013
・Retail price:12,800 yen (tax included)

(*1) Calculations assume an average text-based publication size of 1MB and a comic size of 20MB-50MB.

(*2) This assumes a reading speed of around one page per minute and 30 pages per day, with light and Wi-Fi switched off. Actual battery life will vary according to the user environment and condition of device.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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