September 24, 2013
  • Rakuten Edy, Inc.

Rakuten Edy iOS app developed for
iPhones and iPads

Connect the new app with Sony’s new PaSoRi product and charge up
and pay with Edy anytime

Tokyo, September 24, 2013 –Rakuten Edy, Inc. is set to launch its new Rakuten Edy iOS app in early October.

By linking the Rakuten Edy iOS application with PaSoRi, the new contactless IC card reader/writer from Sony Corporation due for release in early October, iPhone and iPad users will be able to charge their Edy-equipped cards (up to 25,000 yen per charge, to a maximum of 50,000 yen). The service also allows the cardholder to track their charge balance and usage history.

Specifically, once the app is installed on an iPhone or iPad, the user can charge their Edy-equipped card easily at any time via PaSoRi across the energy-efficient Bluetooth protocol, allowing payments using Edy.

According to an online survey conducted by Rakuten Edy in April 2012, a majority (52.9%) of iPhone users who had used Rakuten Edy in the past – but were no longer using it – had been using it with Osaifu-Keitai. When asked why they were no longer using Rakuten Edy, around two fifths (36.6%) replied that “charging was bothersome.”

As of the end of July 2013, 77 million Rakuten Edy-ready cards have been issued excluding Osaifu-Keitai, and 360,000 outlets accept Rakuten Edy nationwide. As the number of iPhone users continues to grow, it is hoped that this app will boost the numbers charging their cards and using Rakuten Edy in their transactions, thus stimulating the e-money market.

The application is available as a free download from the App Store. Pre-order sales of the PaSoRi begin today at the Rakuten Edy Official Shop. 

Rakuten Edy continues to strive to provide more satisfying and convenient services for customers.



-Name: Rakuten Edy

-Supplier: Rakuten Edy, Inc.

-Expected launch date: Early October 2013

-Download from: App Store

-Price: Free

-Applicable OS: iOS6 and above(iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, third generation iPad and above (including iPad mini),fifth generation and above iPod touch) 

1. By linking the Rakuten Edy iOS app with the contactless IC card reader/writer PaSoRi across the Bluetooth protocol, an Edy-equipped card can be charged and used in transactions
2. The app also allows the user to track their charge balance and usage history


-Product name: PaSoRi RC-S390 Contactless IC Card Reader/Writer

-Manufacturer: Sony Corporation

-Expected launch date: Early October 2013

-Start date of pre-order sales: September 24, 2013

-Standard price: 4,980 yen (including tax and shipping)

 ※Will be offered at 3,480 yen (inc. tax) during sales campaign

-Sold by: Rakuten Edy Official Shop

-Applicable OS: iOS6 and above
(iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, third generation iPad and above (including iPad mini),fifth generation and above iPod touch)

-Size: 87.6mm✕56mm✕5.5mm

-Weight: approx. 30g


 ・FeliCa and PaSoRi are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
 ・iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are Apple Inc. brands in the United States and other countries.App Store is an Apple Inc. service mark.
・Osaifu-Keitai is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

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