August 7, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Solar Supports
the Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013

Building a new business model
by powering the rock festival with solar energy

TOKYO, August 7, 2013 ― Rakuten Solar today announced that the company will be co-sponsoring the “Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013 supported by Rakuten Solar,” in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture on September 21-22. The Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN is a two-day outdoor rock festival and concert powered by solar panels, Green Power Certification1, battery storage, and so forth. Rakuten Solar will co-sponsor the festival with Japan Ecosystem, Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Solar has been testing the business model of running on solar power as it prepares to create an ecosystem for the expanded independent uptake of solar power generation, with initiatives including the Fukushima Pilot Project which began this spring. Rakuten Solar rallied its support behind the Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN because its concept of a “summer festival powered by solar power” would contribute to the growth of renewable energy, as well as revitalize the host city of Nakatsugawa. Tourism will also be promoted in the region through the joint Gifu Prefecture and Rakuten Travel “Seiryu-no-kuni Gifu, Meguru Tabi Campaign”2 and the establishment of a dedicated Rakuten Ticket webpage.  

Rakuten Solar is marking the occasion with a “Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013 Celebration Campaign” that will run from now until September 30. During the promotion period, the first 120 people to host a home inspection with the intention of installing a solar power generation system will win two tickets to the Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN, or a kobo glo e-reader if they so choose. Ecosystem Japan will be responsible for issuing green power certificates and running special events across Japan during the campaign. In addition, headquartered in Nakatsugawa-city, Chuo Bussan Co., Ltd. will provide some of the festival’s power by diverting the power it generates from its solar panels to its enenova battery power storage system 3.  

Rakuten, Inc. made an equity investment in Ecosystem Japan through its wholly owned subsidiary, RS Empowerment Inc. Ecosystem Japan has a unique business platform and has already sold and installed over 29,000 solar power generation systems. It also leverages its national branch network to hold special events. The Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013 plan is a project that combines Rakuten Travel’s Seiryu-no-kuni Gifu, Meguru Tabi Campaign, ticket sales by Rakuten Ticket, and green power certifications issued by Ecosystem Japan. In the future, Rakuten, Inc. and Ecosystem Japan will further develop solution-oriented projects that optimize the use of their respective business platforms.

Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013 Supported by Rakuten Solar

■ URL:

■ Dates:Saturday, September 21, 2013 Show starts 16:00 / Show ends 21:30
Sunday, September 22, 2013 Show starts 11:00 / Show ends 21:30
※Will go ahead rain or shine (cancelled in the event of storms)

■ Venue:Special stage in Nakatsugawa Park
1683-797 Nasubigawa, Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture

Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013 Celebration Campaign

■ URL:

■ Dates:July 19 - September 30, 2013

■ Campaign:During the campaign, the first 120 people to host a site inspection with the intention of installing a solar power generation system will win either two tickets to Nakatsugawa Solar Budokan 2013 (100 available) or a kobo glo e-reader (20 available).

■ Special events:During the promotion period, Nicohouse, operated by Japan Ecosystem, will hold special events in shopping malls across Japan. Visitors will be able to consult experts on household power savings, installation of solar power generation, and battery storage. They will also be able to book a free home inspection. There will be prizes for those who book an inspection.

About Rakuten Solar
Rakuten Solar is a solar power generation systems sales service launched in July 2012 by Rakuten, Inc. Rakuten Solar’s greatest advantage is that it offers services with reasonable prices by providing integrated services spanning from solar panel sales to installation, without the use of intermediaries. Rakuten Solar has partnered with Ecosystem Japan Co., Ltd. to establish a framework where it can provide low cost systems and services without compromising quality. In February 2013, Rakuten made an equity investment in Ecosystem Japan.

1.A scheme to represent the “environmental value” of green electricity generated renewably by means such as solar and wind power, and biomass in the form of “certificates.” Trade in these “green power certificates” then supports the uptake and expansion of renewable energy.

2.Campaign promoting travel around Gifu: Seiryu-no-kuni Gifu, Meguru Tabi Campaign

3.enenova battery power storage system:

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