July 3, 2013
  • Rakuten Travel

Rakuten Travel Launches
“Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen”
with the Ministry of the Environment

First Project:
Promoting Tours to Summer Resorts in the “Support COOL SHARE! Special Campaign”

Tokyo, July 3, 2013 - Rakuten Travel Inc., today announced the “Support COOL SHARE! Special Campaign,” which promotes tours to summer resorts, as the first project to be implemented under the “Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen (Rakuten eco life declaration)”1 in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment. The company will promote countermeasures against global warming through travel, as part of the Ministry’s Global Warming Prevention Activity. 

The Global Warming Prevention Activity is a national campaign organized by the Ministry of the Environment. The campaign aims to promote changes in lifestyles and working styles through the collective efforts of individual citizens and corporations, in order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and create a low-carbon society. 

To promote the prevention of global warming in line with this national campaign, Rakuten Travel will carry out various promotions throughout the year under the banner of the “Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen.” The first project is based on the “COOL SHARE”2 concept of “sharing” cool places with others in order to minimize the use of air-conditioning during hot summer days. Specifically, Rakuten Travel will provide information about attractive tours to 300 facilities in 15 summer resort locations through its website. This is a way of promoting travel to such locations and encouraging people to contribute to the cause of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. The first 1,000 customers to sign up will receive discount coupons worth 500 yen, which they can use at the respective facilities. These efforts are also aimed at increasing the number of advocates for the Global Warming Prevention Activity. 

Going forward, Rakuten Travel will take further steps to promote the Global Warming Prevention Activity while encouraging more people to discover the appeal and joy of travel. To that end, it has scheduled the following promotions in the upcoming months: “Akari Mirai Keikaku” (second project), the “smart move” (third project) in October, and the “WARM SHARE” (fourth project) in November. 

1: The “Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen (Rakuten eco life declaration)” is an initiative that aims to further promote efforts by the Ministry of the Environment to create a low-carbon society, through the implementation of various promotions throughout the year. 

2: Rather than having one individual use a single air-conditioning unit, this initiative encourages people to “share” cool places with others by gathering in a cool room at home, visiting places in their locality that are cool, or places that are cooled by an abundant natural environment. (Official COOL SHARE website: http://coolshare.jp/)

“Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen – Support COOL SHARE! Special Campaign”

■Campaign: Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen  – Support COOL SHARE! Special Campaign 

■Period: July 3, 2013 – October 31, 2013 

■Campaign website: https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/event/ad/env/coolshare/

Approximately 300 facilities in 15 summer resort locations will be introduced. The first 1,000 customers who sign the “Rakuten eco Seikatsu Sengen” on the website will be presented with gift coupons.

■Eligible summer resort locations:

(1) Hokkaido: Hakodate, Yunokawa, Onuma, Rusutsu, Niseko, Jozankei, Kiroro, Otaru, Noboribetsu, Toya, Shikotsu, Furano, Tomamu, Utoro

(2) Aomori Prefecture: Hakkoda, Towadako, Oirase

(3) Miyagi Prefecture: Naruko, Furukawa, Kurikoma-Kogen

(4) Fukushima Prefecture: Aizuwakamatsu, Kitakata

(5) Fukushima Prefecture: Fukushima City, Nihonmatsu

(6) Yamagata Prefecture: Yamagata City, Zao, Kaminoyama Onsen

(7) Tochigi Prefecture: Nasu, Itamuro, Kuroiso

(8) Nagano Prefecture: Karuizawa, Saku, Komoro

(9) Nagano Prefecture: Shirakabako, Kurumayama, Tateshina, Kirigamine

(10) Nagano Prefecture: Kamikochi, Shirahone, Norikura

(11) Yamanashi Prefecture: Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Shojiko, Motosuko

(12) Toyama Prefecture: Toyama City, Yatsuo, Tateyama-sanroku

(13) Gifu Prefecture: Gero Onsen, Nigorigo Onsen

(14) Kumamoto Prefecture: Aso

(15) Miyazaki Prefecture: Takachiho, Nobeoka, Hyuga, Takanabe

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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