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June 28, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Group Launches New Energy Service “Rakuten Energy”

Expansion into Energy Adds New Arm to Rakuten Ecosystem


Tokyo, June 28, 2013 – Rakuten, Inc. today announced the launch its new energy service “Rakuten Energy.” Rakuten Energy will consist of three businesses; Renewable Energy Business, Energy Solutions Business, and the Power Supply Business. Rakuten sees new business opportunity in the changes that have affected domestic power demand since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the paradigm shift epitomized by the shale gas revolution. The company considers the Energy sector a new growth area to expand its ecosystem.

Rakuten launched Rakuten Solar, a solar power system sales service, in July 2012. In spring this year, the company also launched a demand response business in regions under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the Kansai Electric Power Company and the Kyushu Electric Power Company, as well as a membership service for home users. This added to the variety of business initiatives implemented in the energy sector. The energy business sector is expected to grow in the future, and while new services are developed, we have confirmed that it is also an area in which Rakuten will be able to leverage our strengths. Rakuten’s energy businesses were reorganized into Rakuten Energy with the aim of further building on initiatives implemented so far.

From now on, Rakuten’s energy businesses will be expanded through Rakuten Energy, and sales of solar power systems, storage battery systems, etc., will continue under the brand name of Rakuten Solar.

With the aim of becoming the No. 1 Internet Services Company in the world, Rakuten not only provides a globally unique B2B2C-type marketplace, but has also built the Rakuten Ecosystem, a business model allowing the provision of a variety of services through its common membership program including travel bookings, portal sites, financial services and eBooks. The Rakuten Ecosystem consists of a collection of over 70 thousand member companies within Japan of all types and industries, with over 80 million Rakuten members. In the future, Rakuten Energy will respond to various needs through the fusion of energy with IT, and the development of unique business models, in aiming for the diversification and expansion of the Rakuten Ecosystem.

In addition, Rakuten today launched “R Energy Switch,” http://energy.rakuten.co.jp/blog/ offering blog-style content linked to Facebook http://www.facebook.com/energy.rakuten/ on the Rakuten Energy website. R Energy Switch will focus on all kinds of domestic and international energy issues, creating opportunities for many people to stop and think about energy.

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