May 28, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten GORA, Simplifies Check-in at Golf Courses with Sign-free Check-in
Start of the “Rakuten Check-in Service”

Alleviates congestion and saves labor at reception,
while also making it easier to effectively utilize user’s information

TOKYO, May 28, 2013 – Rakuten GORA, the golf reservation service of Rakuten Inc., today announced the launch of the “Rakuten Check-in Service,” which enables users to undergo sign-free check-inat golf courses.  

“Rakuten Check-in Service” is a service whereby users can complete the check-in procedures at golf courses simply by presenting a dedicated card or their personal smart phone’s screen when checking-in,* 1 and having the golf course identify them by using a bar code reader. Up until now, users have had to enter information such as their name, address, and phone number on a mounted piece of paper every time they check-in at the front desk. But through the introduction of this free of charge service, users can cut down on the time and effort of annoying reception procedures simply by presenting a dedicated card or personal screen. Additionally, the service has been set up so that each time someone checks-in they accumulate Rakuten Super Points.*2*3 

This allows golf courses to alleviate congestion and save labor on staff at reception during check-in, thereby achieving greater operating efficiency. Furthermore, since the user’s information is outputted in printed text, it makes it easier to read and simplifies data entry into databases, which in turn allows for the information to be utilized effectively. For the first three months of the start of the campaign and service, Rakuten will be providing the initial equipment involved in introducing the service for free. 

In its early stages, “Rakuten GORA” will be aiming to introduce this service at 1,000 courses, and then at all courses available on “Rakuten GORA” within three years’ time. In addition, Rakuten is setting its sights not just on golf courses, but also to expanding the service to golf practice ranges and shops. It will also strive to acquire new Rakuten members and achieve greater synergy than ever before with Rakuten Ichiba, as it continues to provide its users with even better services.

* 1 Users can either download the special smartphone app or display their personal screen from their own page on “Rakuten GORA” via their smartphone.

*2 Users must become Rakuten members in order to accumulate Rakuten Super Points.

*3 All users of the check-in service will be awarded 10 Rakuten Super Points. For those who make a reservation via “Rakuten GORA,” 50 points will be awarded to both the person who made the reservation and to their companions.

Outline of the “Rakuten Check-in Service”

■Start of service (planned): Offered sequentially starting from the beginning of September 2013 

■   How to use (users):

  1. During check-in, users present their personal card or screen via their smartphone
  2. The user confirms a (paper) receipt containing their customer information
  3. If no corrections are needed then registration is complete

■   Special apps: There are plans to offer apps for Android and iOS

■   How to download:

  1. Search for “Rakuten GORA” via the Google Play Store or the App Store
  2. Select the special app for this service and download it just like you would any other app

■Regarding the free provision of the initial equipment to golf courses

During the campaign period the equipment costs required to start the service (listed below) will be provided for free.

・Tablet computer
・Bar code reader
・Receipt printer
・Tablet stand
・Wi-Fi router
・A set of promotional tools

Campaign period (planned): Beginning of September 2013 – End of November 2013


What is “Rakuten GORA?”

An online site for making reservations at golf courses that began operation in February 2000.
In October 2004 it was merged with Golf Port, which was another site for making reservations at golf courses operated by Rakuten, and its name was changed to “Rakuten GORA.” Currently, users can make reservations at approximately 1,900 courses within Japan, and it has grown to become one of the largest golf-related sites in Japan.

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