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March 13, 2013
  • Rakuten Investment Management, Inc.
  • Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Rakuten Mirai Fund Launches

TOKYO, March 13, 2013 – Rakuten Investment Management, Inc. and Rakuten Securities, Inc. today announced that Rakuten Investment Management will establish and manage a new investment fund called the Rakuten Mirai Fund from Tuesday, April 2, 2013, which will be marketed as one of the exclusive investment trusts offered by Rakuten Securities..

The Rakuten Mirai Fund was developed to help individual investors build assets over several decades. It was designed to have a simple concept that can be intuitively understood by individual investors, while also featuring a detailed calculation of risk and return as well as the effect that investment diversification will have on an entire portfolio. Rakuten Investment Management also took an innovative approach to the fund’s cost structure to ensure it could be a viable long-term investment, including by keeping custodian fees low when profit is not being produced. 

Concerns over the possibility to receive a sufficient pension in the future have led to growing demand in recent years, particularly among younger individual investors, for long-term asset management. On the other hand, many also feel that it is now more difficult than ever to make successful long-term investments with confidence due to the financial crisis brought about by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, historical yen appreciation, and major market volatility.

Rakuten Investment Management has engineered funds to provide individual investors with a trust product that can be held over the long-term with confidence. At the same time, Rakuten Securities has provided individual investors with the opportunity to make small-scale investments in precious metals, such as gold and platinum, and smaller unit investments in investment trusts. The Rakuten Mirai Fund was developed and launched based on a consensus between these two companies about the provision of an investment product from which individual investors could expect to acquire sufficient profit and also be able to contribute small amounts over a long period of time.

Going forward, Rakuten Investment Management and Rakuten Securities will continue to offer investment products that are easy to understand and satisfy customer needs as Rakuten Group companies that maintain the strong management philosophy of empowering society through the Internet.

For further information:http://www.rakuten-toushin.co.jp/fund/rimrf/

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