February 18, 2013
  • Rakuten Investment Management, Inc.

Publicly Offered Investment Trust NAV Surpasses 100 Billion Yen

- Rakuten Investment Management Continues to Create a New Trend in Asset Management
by Empowering Individual Investors -

TOKYO, February 18, 2013 – Rakuten Investment Management, Inc. announced today that the net asset value 1 of its publicly offered investment trusts surpassed the 100 billion yen mark as of February 1, 2013.

As a Rakuten Group company, Rakuten Investment Management maintains the Group’s strong management philosophy of empowering society through the Internet. To this end, Rakuten Investment Management aims to develop an extensive lineup of popular investment trust products offered online in addition to conventional face-to-face consultations used by banks and securities companies. 

In particular, the company’s Rakuten US REIT Triple-Engine Turkish Lira Monthly Dividend has continued to maintain a top sales ranking among major online securities companies2 for some time. In August 2012, the company’s assets under management broke through the 50 billion yen mark. Since then the company has seen steady, ongoing growth. On February 1, Rakuten Investment Management became the first firm offering the majority of its products and services online to reach 100 billion yen in assets under management3. This remarkable growth has been made possible by the support of its customers and investors.

With the investment trust market experiencing a prolonged downturn, many individual investors have flocked to investment trusts offering monthly income distributions because they provide visible, real income and the fact that these individuals are typically buy-and-hold investors. Rakuten Investment Management’s products fulfill these needs. Many investors using a buy-and-hold approach purchased investment trust products at a low price prior to the recent upswing in Japan’s equities markets. This approach represents one effective method to investing, even when the market is bullish, because this type of investor is focusing not on the short-term outlook, but rather on buying and holding for many years. Rakuten Investment Management will continue to offer investment products that fulfill these needs. 

In addition, there is growing need, including among relatively younger investors, to guard against future uncertainties through long-term asset building. Rakuten Investment Management plans on releasing a new fund soon that will satisfy this need.

Rakuten Investment Management will consistently offer products that reflect the needs of its customers in order to help empower individual investors. 

1. The total net asset value of Rakuten Investment Management’s publicly offered investment trusts.

2. As one example, this fund had the highest monthly sales ranking among Rakuten Securities’ investment trusts for 18 consecutive months from August 2011 to January 2013.

3. Estimates by Rakuten Investment Management Trust based on business operations and fund sales formats used by the 38 firms that have more than 100 billion yen in assets under management, as indicated in data as of January 2013 on the net asset value of companies arranging publicly offered investment trusts put out by the Investment Trusts Association.


For further information:  https://www.rakuten-toushin.co.jp/company/pdf/20130218 

Rakuten Investment Management, Inc. Financial Instruments Business Operator Registration Number: Kanto Finance Bureau Director-General (Kinsho) No. 1724

Member Associations: The Investment Trusts Association, Japan and Japan Investment Advisors Association


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