February 6, 2013
  • Kobo Inc.

Kobo and Yaesu Book Center partner to market kobo eReaders

Sales campaign launches at main store, will expand to other branches

TOKYO, February 6, 2013 –Kobo Inc., a subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc. (JASDAQ: 4755) announced today that it will partner with Yaesu Book Center for sales of its kobo glo and kobo mini eReaders at the Yaesu Book Center main store, starting today.

The Yaesu Book Center main store, located at the Yaesu South exit of JR Tokyo Station, has become one of Tokyo’s most popular bookstores since its opening in 1978. It has attracted many book lovers, offering separate floors for different genres and daily in-store events such as talks and book signings.

Kobo eReaders have been sold through major retail outlets and online shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba. The agreement marks the first time for the kobo series to be sold in the area near the JR Tokyo Station. This is expected to increase sales among frequent visitors to the station, including businesspeople and travellers who are known for their high affinity with their  reading habits.

The two companies are starting sales of kobo glo and kobo mini at the Yaesu Book Centre main store first, with plans to expand sales to other branch stores.

Kobo and Yaesu Book Center will continue efforts to create even more comfortable and fulfilling reading experiences for customers.

The details of this sales promotion are as follows:


Overview of kobo eReaders sales at Yaesu Book Center

■Retail models:kobo glo and kobo mini

■Store:Yaesu Book Center main store

■Start of sales:February 6, 2013

Special launch campaign
Coupons will be given out to commemorate the launch of kobo eReader sales by Yaesu Book Center. Customers will receive 1,500 yen worth ofcoupons to be used in the kobo eBook Store for every purchase of kobo glo or kobo mini eReader  at the Yaesu Book Center main store between February 6 and February 28.

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