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dateJanuary 19, 2006
New Approach by Financial Business Company

On January 19, 2006, Rakuten, Inc. held a Board of Directors' Meeting and formally resolved the tie-up with three companies: (1) American International Group, Inc., to launch into sales of small amount short term insurance products, (2) Shinsei Bank, Limited, to advance mortgage loans over the Internet, and (3) Tokyo Tomin Bank, Ltd to offer online banking services at Rakuten's website.
(For full release, please refer to each respective Japanese IR release (insurance) (mortgage loan) (online banking).)

These three new steps into the financial business field have been made in order to further expand and improve benefits and convenience for Rakuten Group members. With these tie-ups, our company's goal is to expand the amount of services offered to all group members and to seek synergies between the financial field and the Internet.

Our company continues to use its experience in Internet services, and database marketing know-how to improve the synergy between each business company (E-commerce, portal and media, travel, finance, and professional sports) and grow profitability and increase corporate enterprise value.

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