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Rakuten Investor Day 2013 (2013/09/18)

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Rakuten Investor Day 2013 (All Presentations) (3hr 22min)File

By Session

Session speaker Listen to Replay(audio only/MP3) document(PDF)
Credit Cards Masayuki Hosaka (22min)File documentFile
Banking Hiroyuki Nagai (21min)File documentFile
Securities Yuji Kusunoki (24min)File documentFile
E-Commerce Masato Takahashi (29min)File documentFile
Logistics Kazunori Takeda (22min)File documentFile
Global e-commerce, e-Books Kentaro Hyakuno (28min)File documentFile
Viki Razmig Hovaghimian (22min)File documentFile
Rakuten - Unique Internet Company Hiroshi Mikitani (29min)File documentFile
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