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煎茶,hojicha 茶袋杯

煎茶,hojicha 茶袋杯
  • 煎茶,hojicha 茶袋杯
  • 煎茶,hojicha 茶袋杯
  • 煎茶,hojicha 茶袋杯
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原價 $ 4.82 詳細資料
$ 4.82 (¥ 540)
配送選項: 詳細資料
付款方式: 詳細資料
信用卡, PayPal, 支付寶



煎茶,hojicha 茶袋
綠茶 3 g x 4 枚
炒的青綠茶 3 g x 4 枚

* 在口味和風味相比,種茶,星星都要靠我們自己。

* 禮品盒,包裝紙會略有不同的照片。


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About the fee of customs clearance work accompanying EMS delivery
From April 1, 2017, if the purchase price exceeds 200,000 yen, the export declaration procedure (customs operation) of EMS delivery will be charged.
Because I will add 2800 yen per case, please be patient.


EMS以合理的費用將商品快速運送到全球 120 多個國家及地區。EMS提供安全的配送服務及提供商品追蹤號碼。一般而言,運送日數約為一周



Shipping trouble

The trouble under delivery responds as the rule of EMS.

When the load is damaged,
Your customer needs to submit a damage report to the post office delivered to your customer.
Based on it, I claim damages to the post office in Japan.
After these are accepted, I can repay you.
Or I can re-ship to your customer.    

When a load does not reach your customer,
We make EMS investigate it in the case of loss of the load by an EMS delivery person.
After these are accepted, I can repay you.
Or I can re-ship to your customer.
In the case of the receiving refusal by your customer, the case of receiver's address entry lack, and the case of an excess of a post office storage deadline by your customer's absence, our company does not guarantee at all.
 In this case, our company does not consent to repayment.
Please do tracking of a load to a frequent.     



  • 信用卡
  • PayPal
  • 支付寶


信用卡, PayPal, Alipay


本店接受信用卡付款. 以下的信用卡均可受理






PayPal 本店接受以 PayPal付款. 收到訂單確認的電子郵件後,請使用PayPal支付需要款項.
Alipay The “Payment Amount” is calculated as below. 
“Payment Amount” = Product price total + shipping fee 
 Upon confirming your order, we will send you a link to make a payment via 
Alipay’s secure payment page. 
You must finish the payment process before the deadline to complete your 
 Please check the payment process from the link here. 
PC:  https://global.rakuten.com/en/help/payment/alipay_pc.html
: https://global.rakuten.com/en/help/payment/alipay_mobile.html




About returned goods and exchange 

Please a wishing-returned-goods and exchange case contacts us within seven days after goods arrival. I cannot accept the returned goods and exchange without connection. 
About goods with freshness dates, such as powdered green tea and green tea, even when unopened, returned goods cannot be accepted. 

The returned-goods and exchange way 

- When goods have damage 

 Please contact us, when the goods which we delivered to you have damage. 
 I investigate by our company and a delivery trader, and carry out correspondence of returned goods and exchange. 
 When damaged at the time of delivery, I claim damages from a delivery trader. In that case, there is also the necessity that a delivery trader connects from you. 
 When damaged goods are out of stock and cannot prepare, I will correspond for refund. 
 Please understand that I may obtain time till the completion of investigation. 

- When a defective article, order goods, and different goods arrive 

 Please contact us, when the initial failure of goods, order goods, and different goods arrive. I carry out correspondence of returned goods and exchange. 
 Our company pays the delivery charge concerning return. 
 Since a delivery charge is transferred to your bank account, please tell us the bank account in which overseas remittance is possible. 

- When the returned goods and exchange for the sake of a customer's convenience are wished 

The following case serves as customer convenience. 

Order mistakes, such as a color and size 

Goods without damage or initial failure 

 In a hope, please connect returned goods and exchange to us, and return the after goods. About goods exchange, after the returned goods arrive at our company, I will send new goods. 
 You have to pay the cost concerning return, and the cost concerning a redistribution. 

- About return 

 Please be sure to return in the state of the package of the goods arrival time. 
 When the returned goods have a run short of and damage, I may charge the difference, such as a repair charge. 

- About refund 

I will repay by the following way. The refund way changes with payment ways. 

- In the case of payment by credit card. 

I process cancellation of a credit card. If cancellation processing is carried out even if the price for goods is already charged directly, the account which I use with the credit card will be repaid. 

- In the case of payment by Paypal. 

 I repay from Paypal. I repay to the account which you have registered into Paypal, or the account of use with the credit card which you have registered into Paypal.  

- In the case of payment by Alipay. 

 I repay from Alipay. You repay to the account which I have registered into Alipay. 

- In the case of the payment by bank transfer 

 I repay the account of a visitor's specification. 

- When it cannot repay by the above-mentioned way, repay the account in which your overseas remittance is possible. 
 in that case, a bank name ,there is the necessity of having the address and telephone number of - branch name, a city name, the name of a country, an account number, an account name, and the receiver connected. 
About the amount of refund 

The amount of money for refund serves as a price for goods. I do not carry out refund of a delivery charge. 
 When it pays by yen-denominated, in the amount of money for refund, the amount of money for payment and a difference may come out with an exchange rate. 
 Moreover, since it becomes the amount of money which deducted the remittance charge, please understand the refund for the sake of a visitor's convenience. 


本商品將無法從店家寄往 Us 美國。



運費一覽 : EMS(國際快捷郵件)

注意: 匯率僅作為參考。