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■正規的物品■馬特爾哨兵線藍色700ml 40度白蘭地/白蘭地酒MARTEL CORDON BLEU OLD CLASSIC COGNAC A03504

■正規的物品■馬特爾哨兵線藍色700ml 40度白蘭地/白蘭地酒MARTEL CORDON BLEU OLD CLASSIC COGNAC A03504
  • ■正規的物品■馬特爾哨兵線藍色700ml 40度白蘭地/白蘭地酒MARTEL CORDON BLEU OLD CLASSIC COGNAC A03504
  • ■正規的物品■馬特爾哨兵線藍色700ml 40度白蘭地/白蘭地酒MARTEL CORDON BLEU OLD CLASSIC COGNAC A03504
  • ■正規的物品■馬特爾哨兵線藍色700ml 40度白蘭地/白蘭地酒MARTEL CORDON BLEU OLD CLASSIC COGNAC A03504
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日本郵局EMS(國際快捷郵件服務), DHL
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商品名稱 馬特爾哨兵線藍色
類型 白蘭地
容量 700ml
次數 40度
附件 箱子
商品說明 在創業的馬特爾公司,約翰·馬特爾對白蘭地酒在1715年來,開始了行業。



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日本郵局EMS(國際快捷郵件服務), DHL



EMS以合理的費用將商品快速運送到全球 120 多個國家及地區。EMS提供安全的配送服務及提供商品追蹤號碼。一般而言,運送日數約為一周





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Please read the notes below carefully for return and exchange

Due to the nature of this product, we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences.

We are about the quality of the product with extreme caution, but the product which is different from an order when there is damage, the damage that the product page does not have mention or reached it, and, please contact me after sending it for "less than 7 days" by any chance.

The product that a replacement can prepare for the return of goods supports by exchange, but the preparation for replacement, please let me cope with the difficult thing by repayment because there are many things of the stock one point limit including the old liquor.

In the case of the returned goods by damage, the damage that false shipment and the explanation of the product do not have mention, the postage, a fee should be our store burden together.

In the characteristic of the product, I cannot take returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor as a general rule. In addition, returned goods cannot accept exchange when excuse me, but it is follows.

The product which passed from sending it in "less than 7 days"
The product which was opened once.
The product that it was  stained and damaged  after sending it.

An article of the returned goods refunds money to our store after arrival, confirmation and files.

By a credit card ・・・When it is asked for the sales cancellation a visitor every month more than 10th and 25th days, the withdrawal of the business amount of money is performed once as a general rule by the account of the visitor.(There is the case which I close it, and is not paid by days of the publication credit card company.)The withdrawal of the business amount of money is carried out from the account of the visitor once, but, in the case of the withdrawal of the credit card company after the next time, offset or the repayment handling of business amount of money is carried out.

Eexcept the credit card・・・After having canceled the settlement, there is repayment from Rakuten market.

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7-1-7 Nishi Shinjuku,
160-0023 JAPAN



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運費一覽 : EMS(國際快捷郵件)

注意: 匯率僅作為參考。