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"ENEOS" from Japan
ENEOS is the brand name for products manufactured and sold by JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp., the largest oil company in Japan. ENEOS products are the highest quality lubricants available in the marketplace today. These products use advanced additive and base oil technology, the result of joint engineering and research with all of the Japanese automotive manufactures. ENEOS lubricants provide exceptional performance, power and protection for a wide variety of applications including race cars, motorcycles and street automobiles.

ENEOS brand motor oil is developed to exceed the highest standards of the automotive industry. ENEOS product ranges from motor oil that offers optimal performance protection under the most extreme temperature variations, to ecologically friendly motor oil that provides superior fuel saving capacity.

Regarding to "Tax and extra-Fees" importing oil-cans to each country, we can not find recent regulation there.
So, please check it carefully in advance.

※Those extra-fees to be beard by your-side in case of happening.
※If the cargo was not delivered to you and returned to us, we will pay back  item-price amount, but we will be obliged to charge delivery-fee and arisen returning-fee too.