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Marumo Mori’s first retail shop, chagama, opened in 2014 in central Shizuoka city.
For Marumo Mori, which has been in wholesaling since its foundation,
chagama has become a valuable asset as it allows us to directly communicate with the people who drink our tea.
However, we do not only offer our most popular teas but also aim to introduce people to lesser known great tasting teas, as well as unknown variations that people have never tried before. The more we strive for innovation and diversification, the more progress we will make. We hope that directly communicating with our customers and trying new ideas will make a difference not only to our company, but also to our fellow tea traders and the Japanese tea industry as well.and we are working to meet their expectations better. At chagama, we have come to understand chagama better through our customers.




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chagama is our retail shop in central Shizuoka city.
In our shop you can experience a different way of drinking
and enjoying green tea that is still based on traditional ways.

1F Passage Takajo 2-10-7 Takajo, Aoi-ward, Shizuoka-city
10AM-19PM MON-CLOSED (Holidays OPEN)