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All about Mo-House
Mo-House is Japan’s leading maternity clothing and nursing wear boutique. We design and manufacture nursing bras maternity wears and nursing wears for all occasions, from underwear to formal wear. 
Mo-House nursing bras are Japanese Midwives Association recommended products. We have over 330,000 users all over the world.
Our nursing wear
Our nursing wear are produced based on a lot of mother’s voices. It allows you to nurse anywhere, anytime, any second when your baby wants it, without letting your skin exposed. With our clothes, you and your baby can go lunch with your friends, travel and even go work! This is a tool for all mothers to have better child-rearing life and for baby to feel relieved that baby can drink mother’s milk in anyplace.
Our Story
Our company started with Ms. Mitsuhata’s thought, “Breastfeeding is a natural human behavior, mothers should not feel difficult or troublesome to nurse even at public spaces.” She created own nursing wear which doesn’t let your skin exposed while breastfeeding and started to introduce it to her mother friends. It has been 20 years since she established a company, Mo-House, to sale nursing wear. Now we have 45 staffs and most of members are mothers who have 0 to 5 years-old children. Half of mother staffs work at our office with their baby and they can nurse their baby whenever they want with our nursing wear.


公司名稱 Mo-House
店家名稱 Mo-House
店家地址 2F 2-17-4 Umezono Tsukuba-shi Ibaraki 305-0045
店家電話號碼 +81-29-851-7373
店家傳真號碼 +81-29-851-7373




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Up to 500g 1,400JPY            2,000JPY              2,200JPY   2,400JPY
Up to 600g 1,540JPY 2,180JPY 2,400JPY 2,740JPY
Up to 700g 1,680JPY 2,360JPY 2,600JPY 3,080JPY
Up to 800g 1,820JPY 2,540JPY 2,800JPY 3,420JPY
Up to 900g 1,960JPY 2,720JPY 3,000JPY 3,760JPY
Up to 1.0kg 2,100JPY 2,900JPY 3,200JPY 4,100JPY
Up to 1.25kg 2,400JPY 3,300JPY 3,650JPY 4,900JPY
Up to 1.5kg 2,700JPY 3,700JPY 4,100JPY 5,700JPY
Up to 1.75kg 3,000JPY 4,100JPY 4,550JPY 6,500JPY
Up to 2.0kg 3,300JPY 4,500JPY 5,000JPY 7,300JPY
Up to 2.5kg 3,800JPY 5,200JPY 5,800JPY 8,800JPY
Up to 3.0kg 4,300JPY 5,900JPY 6,600JPY 10,300JPY
Up to 3.5kg 4,800JPY 6,600JPY 7,400JPY 11,800JPY
Up to 4.0kg 5,300JPY 7,300JPY 8,200JPY 13,300JPY
Up to 4.5kg 5,800JPY 8,000JPY 9,000JPY 14,800JPY
Up to 5.0kg 6,300JPY 8,700JPY 9,800JPY 16,300JPY
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