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If you order from overseas, you can not cancel your order after you for whatever reason.
Because we will not accept repayment returned or exchanged by the customer convenience,
After you confirm that there is no mistake in the items, their size and colors before purchasing be sure to your order.

○About a duty

The price depending on a duty is not included in the total price contacting from our store.
When it costs the duty price separately; of the visitor burden you.
Please pay the payment of the duty price to a delivery company or the customs directly.
Because a rule varies according to a country of the delivery,
Specifically, to be able to ask the customs of the delivery in you; thanking you in advance.

* I cannot list unit price, the amount of money of the invoice at the time of the import entry more cheaply than a real amount of money.
○About returned goods, cancellation
In the case of the order from the foreign countries for any reason after the order cannot cancel it.
Because I cannot accept repayment, the return of goods for visitor circumstances either,
I confirm that a product, size and a color do not have the mistake before purchase, and, please order it.

For the amount billed.(ご請求金額について)
Our shop, in the amount of money obtained by adding the consumption tax of Japan, will be billed.
* Do not take your claim in the consumption tax.



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