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Japan technology, Japan sensibility, Japan spirit, We are a Japan baggage shop.
We deal with brand products as follows

FUJITAKA is a Japan brand that combines the skill of craftsmen who have been carefully handed down and the sensitivity of designers.
Since its founding, we have tanned in every single bag and tailored it carefully by hand.
Having a lot of thought, taking responsibility for the lifetime of the bag which he has released to the world, to penetrate beliefs.
It is our undaunted pride that we have been building over the years.
I would like to keep making Japan bags proud of the world.

– Simple & Minimal Modern  – With Japanese Essence  – Standard On Standard  – Urban Modrn Basic  – Aristocrat of Leather product  – It's futuristic by Basic  – Nice & Neat Design Express
That is the product concept of IS / IT.

From its launch in 1999, uncompromising quality has not been shaken until now, reflected in the making of Silver Lake Club. 
Dare to remove the trend of the times, examine how easy to use, how long it can be used, express it with natural materials.
 It is the concept that Silver Lake Club has envisioned from the start.



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