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▼Corporate profile
Incorporated company spark
804-31, iwamatucyo, Ota-shi, Gumma
Spark distribution center
store operation: Seya   Kazumi
In charge of store security: Seya   Kazumi
* Questions in English have not accepted.
Only Japanese can be responded.

▼Guidance of business hours
Order registration time: 24-hour [ open throughout the year ]
=> reply mail fixed holiday:   Saturday, Sunday, and Jananese public holiday
* An order on a public holiday serves as an order received on Monday at the beginning of the week on Saturday and Sunday.
Please understand the situation beforehand.

Business hours
Up to 9:00-12:00/13:00-18:00

▼Only a credit card is a credit card (VISA, JCB, AMEX, MASTER, Diners) about payment.  

●I announce you the total payment amount by e-mail after an order just to make sure.
In addition, since I use a system called SSL at our company, a card number is enciphered and transmitted.
Please feel easy.

■ About a Rakuten international delivery target product (please fill in receiver's address information in English) mailing cost, I show around by e-mail separately from our shop after order completion.
* It is a display in Japanese yen altogether.
* the goods of mailing cost no charge [ case / of overseas facilities ] -- a mailing cost -- all -- a visitor -- you pay.

About delay of transportation by customs clearance etc., since it cannot undertake, please understand the responsibility at our company.
About expense when goods have returned by quarantine by customs clearance, etc., it becomes a visitor burden.
It may be unable to ship depending on goods.
(Maker direct delivered goods, an expert embargo article, in part food, a large-sized article, in part cosmetics, in part area difficult for a report etc.)

no cancellation is received about the delivery to overseas -- please understand the situation.
The returned goods and no refund after order confirmation are received.
Please understand the situation.

■ Prohibited goods according to country
Since regulation differs between an import restriction article and prohibited goods in each country, please confirm them from the following URL about the import restriction article and prohibited goods of the main candidate countries (the United States of America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand).
Please ask EMS about the import restriction article of https://event.rakuten.co.jp/borderless/infoservice/#02
* and other countries, and prohibited goods.

■ About a privacy policy visitor's personal information (an address, a name, a mail address, etc.), I am dealing with it with the greatest cautions.
Only in performing a task of our company, I will use a visitor's personal information.
the matter about personal information being managed in the range provided in law, and removing except, when there must be a demand of the governments, such as etc., and must open to the public -- a document -- an electric socket (consent) loses and it is not opened to a third party.