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作为古典的设计是好的chienjibezeruuotchi。 根据样式享用特别定做。

chienjibezeru 6彩色石英表黄金手表石英复古复古

买可获赠 198 积分! 关于积分
$ 186.24 (¥ 19,800)


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chienjibezeru 6彩色石英表黄金


Item Information
品牌名称 古驰 线
商品种类 石英表 商品等级 3
材料 彩色 黄金(本体)图片参照(含有chienjibezeru 6色(本体的东西的))
尺寸 Size:本体直径大约H2.7cm(不含有Lew)胳膊周围约16.5cm皮带横幅约0.9cm(最大)
序号 11/12.2
商品式样 石英
注意的点数 ■商品照片为了尽心竭力靠近实物的颜色正加工,但是有对根据顾客使用的个人电脑的监视器设定以及房间的照明多少感到颜色的变化的情况。※特に着用写真は色具合が異なって見える場合がございます.作为担心的欢迎来电。
■甚至除了本网站以外刊登商品并行,销售为了让经常反映现在的库存信息付警告,但是有商品根据时间延迟已售罄的情况。 那个时候务必敬请理解。


Item Damage
外侧 ・和情况摩擦,有小伤
金属零件 ・和皮带摩擦,有小伤


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【Cancellation Policy】

We sell in TRYCELL shoes and clothes, accessories are basic, cancellation of after your order is not being received at all.
On you better check your order, thank you for your order.
Minors of the full less than 20 years old ※ thank you, as I am sure the consent of their parents or guardians with respect to purchase.
About such things was completed purchase I am afraid that I can not receive you will be deemed to have the consent of their parents or guardians, so please note.

※For cooling-off
Cooling-off is the system to be applied to the door-to-door sales. It does not have mandated the application of cooling off in the mail-order sales.
This service is for the communication sales get the access from the customer, cooling-off system is please understand that it does not apply.
For returned or exchanged

Packing and shipping in the - we expect perfection,
but, and if you received the goods different from the items you ordered any chance,
if the defective product has arrived available upon return or exchange.

●Returns Contact
business hours
Weekdays 10:00 to 17:00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays regular holiday)

●Size exchange by the circumstances of the customer
Only if the size is not suitable to the fitting, we will ...... receive the exchange with other products.

If you wish to exchange of goods, please contact us within 3 days of delivery.
Folded, we will inform the exchange method.

Exchange, commodity which is in your hand is (is tagged, trying on only) as new will be the condition to be.

In our shop, such as perfume and tobacco, if the other odor is determined to be such that adheres, you can not hear the exchange.

Shipping and handling, etc. round-trip to take in this case will be borne by the customer.
After the commodity arrives in our shop, we will ship the replacement goods.

If the difference in the amount of exchange goods and products that are at hand occurs, pay the excess amount of money in cash at the time of shipment of replacement products,
Or, we will refund the difference amount by bank transfer. (※ in case of refund, we will refund minus the transfer fee.)

※ If you are unable to return in the corresponding period, please note that it can not have any support.

※ mail service, return in the letter pack, etc., non-delivery, please return courier service that always it will be a cause of lost etc. guarantee.
※ If it is shipped by cash on delivery, it may be allowed to receive rejected.

● returns by the circumstances of the customer
Your personal convenience by (image difference, size difference, etc.) Please note that the return of goods can not be accepted.

※ Product specifications and shades such as, if you have any questions, please contact us by phone and e-mail before ordering.
※ The image of the product is kept in mind as close to the same color as the real thing, but because we have taken the spotlight,
 there is that there is an error in some color. Please note.

Also, depending on your monitor, there are times when the image and the actual colors may vary slightly. In view of the other monitors and mobile phones, we recommend that you multiple confirmation.

※ made overseas, many delicate of quality goods, those sewing sweet, thread fray, there is a small scratch, that there is a small dirt or the like, not conspicuous. In particular beads of dress, it may inevitably be some beads fray occurs. Those of sheer, white dress some things sheer underwear. In addition, some of the folding wrinkles, etc. that can be in the case of dispatch, please understand beforehand.
The nervous person please refrain from the purchase.

● returned or exchanged by our shop of convenience (such as a defective product)
Every effort has been made to ensure the quality and packaging and shipment of the product, 
but if the following problems were observed in the commodity by any chance, please contact us within 3 days of delivery.

・Remarkably wide range of beads take fray
・Hoc button deficit, such as ... fastener strap
・Order and different if the goods have arrived

With regard to the bad product will take the relevant sections in The photo, etc.,
 please contact by e-mail with attached image. 
The carriage will be borne by our shop.

【About returned goods and exchange of brand goods】

In our shop, we sell a judgment ending of goods by dedicating appraiser.
Any chance imitation was when you will be full refund.

Of "goods suspected of copy products ※",
 in the case of returned or exchanged correspondence when there was a clumsiness in our

○ sorry to trouble you, but, please contact us by e-mail to as soon as possible our return e-mail address after the commodity arriving.

○ Once you've made your Contact us, please send the goods to our company by the procedure I am allowed to guide you by e-mail.
Postage (cash on delivery), and the like that occurred in the case of returned goods, please rest assured that will be borne by our company.

○ as soon as can be reached to confirm the goods to our company, we will carry out correspondence of a full refund or exchange.
In the case of exchange, postage when you ship again, commission will be happy to place at our burden.
It should be noted that, although there may be unable according to the exchange in relation to our stock, please understand that I will correspond by the time I am sorry, but a full refund.

※ is when there is a suspicion of copy products customers decision, 
if it is the wish of the refund, out to appraisal our company again after the arrival to the product of our company, 
again if it is certified as a copy goods only, the corresponding your refund Please understand that I will carry out.

※ such as the actual product and the image was different,
 thank you so you can acknowledge it beforehand because it does not accept the returned goods in the convenience of the customer.

● commodity that can not be returned or exchanged
Please note that concerning the commodity that apply to the next state will not be able to accept your returned or exchanged even if there are any reason.
At the time of the commodity arriving we ask that you will be performing the inspection.

1) it has been removed to the product tag items
2) in advance, goods which have specified a non-returnable in the page
3) If it is not once used, or if there is the evidence
4) customers to wear damage, product contamination has occurred
5) The product has been issued to the cleaning or washing merchandise,
Etc. 6) perfume and tobacco, products that other smell is attached
Etc. 7) re-hem, processed goods
8) SALE, LOWPRICE Shipping
9) reason for return and the situation is unclear, or significantly deliberate case
10) after arrival while there is no contact of the returned goods, products that are standing for more than 4 days
11) If the state of when commodity who your return to us, was very different from the time of delivery
12) If you directly not purchased from our shop

With regard to whether the refund and exchange, the Company on the basis of the above will make the decision.
Even after shipping products, please acknowledge that there is a case to be forced to refuse.

● defective flow of (our of convenience by) returned or exchanged
• After arrival, please contact us by e-mail to our shop within three days. No return product contact us, cash on delivery product, please keep in mind that it can not receive.
- Please return the item within 3 days after I am allowed to reply to from our shop. In the case of returned goods, please put the paper that describes the bank or postal account for refund together.
- If you have confirmed the arrival to the product in our shop, we will respond by bank transfer.
Refund ※ will be the arrival sequential correspondence. If the transfer as soon as possible of your hope, 
thank you in advance for your contact by e-mail and telephone on that refrain from shipping trader inquiry number at the time of return.

● returned or exchanged contacts
Phone: +81-6-6265-8072
E-mail address: trycell_2@shop.rakuten.co.jp
Return Address:13-20,Satsukida-cho,Kadoma-city,osaka,JAPAN
Contact: Atsushi Ishimoto 

【About refund】
Repayment amount will be only commodity price. (I will be refunded minus the transfer fee.)
It should be noted that if it is returned free shipping goods, in addition to the transfer fee, 
we will refund minus the postage minute of going.

● In the case of credit card settlement
We will cancel or correct amount of credit settlement. Since you can not refund in cash, Please acknowledge.
※ Because different closing date by the card company, if the amount of money before the change was made and billing will be refunded from the next month and the month after the card company.
For details such as repayment date, it will be personal information handling, please contact us directly to the card company for your use by the customer.

- In our shop, we have been with the receipt of the purchase bill.
(As a rule, we do not issue a receipt)
Thank you you can be forewarned.

• In our shop, we do not do the wrapping service of the product as a general rule.
We thank you so you can acknowledge it beforehand.


本件商品无法由店铺直邮到 Us 美国。



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注意: 汇率仅作为参考。