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********* U N D E R   M A I N T E N A N C E *********

Thank you for visiting our online shopping site.
Unfortunately now the shop is under maintenance.
We will soon open right after the maintenance is done.
We look forward to your revisit.
Thank you !!

********* U N D E R   M A I N T E N A N C E *********

□ Payment method
Credit card payment only accepted.

□ shipping cost
Commission for sending the items abroad is contained in the shipping cost we provide.

□ Confirm shipping fee
We will calculate the shipping fee after packing the product wtih cushioning material, etc.
So the fixed shipping fee will be informed after we send you the order-confirmation mail.
※ Please be noted that the shipping fee described in the order acceptance e-mail (written in Japanese) shipped automatically after ordering is different from the actual shipping fee.

□ Shipping method
It will be delivered by EMS (or international e-packet). You can not specify either.

□ International shipping fee
Please confirn the "shipping cost" article above.

□ Tracking luggage
Tracking is possible in 40 countries including the United States. You can confirm with the tracking number stated in the shipping notice mail.

□ Tariff
In some cases, customs duties may be applied at the time of receipt of goods, but please note that it will be borne by the customer.
Since tax rates vary from country to country ,we recommend that you contact the customs office of the importing country in advance if necessary.

□ Date designation
It is not possible in case of overseas shipment.

□ Address change
After completing your order, you can not change the shipping address.

□ Cancellation , Change of order contents
After completing your order, we can not accept it before shipping items.
※ Please be noted that If an(some) item(s) is(are) not available in your order,
we will calculate the total amount for the item(s) which we can prepare.

□ Return / Exchange
Returning / exchanging items shipped outside Japan can not be accepted.

□ Destination transfer
It can not be used for overseas shipment.


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