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模型新 xxio 锻造 2017 邓禄普邓禄普新 XXIO 锻造铁 MX 6000 MX6000 碳轴熨斗

邓禄普 2017年新 xxio 伪造 SW AW,熨斗 MX 6000 碳轴只 # 4

邓禄普 2017年新 xxio 伪造 SW AW,熨斗 MX 6000 碳轴只 # 4
  • 邓禄普 2017年新 xxio 伪造 SW AW,熨斗 MX 6000 碳轴只 # 4
  • 邓禄普 2017年新 xxio 伪造 SW AW,熨斗 MX 6000 碳轴只 # 4
  • 邓禄普 2017年新 xxio 伪造 SW AW,熨斗 MX 6000 碳轴只 # 4
  • 邓禄普 2017年新 xxio 伪造 SW AW,熨斗 MX 6000 碳轴只 # 4
买可获赠 191 积分! 关于积分
原价 $ 243.60 详细信息
$ 180.25 (¥ 19,180)
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支付方式: 详细信息
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软针和死目标战略 xxio
新 xxio 锻造铁杆
锻造铁结合稳定性和从容的独特飞行死目的为 PIN 和运作的新的 xxio 系列 xxio 伪造铁从 12/10 发射。

1.减少球速度变异的 V 形结构见扫罗 T.V.,去 XXIO 伪造"

摆动"xxio 锻造铁"用户研究,开发了特殊"V.T.扫罗为 XXIO 伪造"深受推出 Srixon Z 系列"T.扫诉之旅"。
通过与趋势推动 xxio xxio 伪造用户摆动特性,万斯 V 形的唯一,唯一缺少改善稍大角。


接口背后邓小平,高弹地区 5%的增长,根据脚跟薄壁面积扩大。


与技术,结合软和轻手驯服 xxio 9,以及由生成增加了重量的扬程和轴增加头的转速。
此外配备了新的钢轴上开发多级几何调整处理技术 (MSA 技术)。
碳轴采用交火 (三菱人造丝有限公司-) 新开发、 高弹性模量、 高强度树脂,顶端。

4.新"xxio 锻造铁 ' 设计特点

镜头是清晰和明亮的图像背部接口配置在一条直线与"xxio 锻造的铁杆与会者。

头材料 接口︰ HT1770 钢、 身体︰ 温和
整理的头 锻造
完成 镜子 + 缎 + 镜头

模型 硬度 语气 重量 扭矩
N.S.PRO 930GH DST 钢轴 S 虽然 93 2.7
R 虽然 89 2.9
MX 6000 碳轴 S 虽然 63 3.9
R 虽然 60 3.9

* 粗细是俱乐部。

极端 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 PW AW SW
阁楼角度 (°) 22.0 24.0 27.0 30.0 34.0 39.0 44.0 50.0 56.0
谎言角度 (°) 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 63.5
球杆长度 (英寸) 38.5 38.0 37.5 37.0 36.5 36.0 35.5
平衡 N.S.PRO 930GH DST D2 (S) /D1 (R) D3 (S) / D2 (R)
MX 6000 D0 (S) /C9 (R) D1 (S) /D0 (R)
俱乐部重量 (克) N.S.PRO 930GH DST 396 (#5/S)
MX 6000 363 (#5/R)
抓地力 Xxio 伪造只强盗握 (标志)

对于设计值,重量不同的测量值中释放。 请提前声明。

模型新 xxio 锻造 2017 邓禄普邓禄普新 XXIO 锻造铁 MX 6000 MX6000 碳轴熨斗


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国际邮政快递EMS 国际邮政快递EMS方便快捷,可以从日本寄送到超过120个国家和地区。EMS有专业有效的邮件追踪服务和发件方保价索赔选项,专业安全服务闻名全球。另外数据显示,EMS通过海关时被截留机率最低。从日本到绝大多数国家,EMS只需一周以内就可送到。请见运费表。


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  Return/Cancellation Policy
  • We cannot accept any cancellations or returns of purchased items.
  • We are unable to accept returns that are due to the following reasons.
    1. Wrong Impression/Slight differences in size measurements and conditions.
      The description is subjective and the impression may vary from person to person.
      Sizes are measured piece by piece by hand, and so are the damages and conditions.
      Slight scratches, difference in measurements and the signs of use are unavoidable.
    2. Color appearance
      The color of the actual products may look slightly different from the images.
  • Please feel free to contact us in advance for any questions about our merchandise before making a purchase.

  Shopping Procedure
1. Place an order
Place an order from the product page by adding the item to your cart.
  2. We process your order
Your order is processed on the next day, and then the international shipping fee including packaging materials are calculated.
We take this step for each order since our merchandise is unique secondhand goods.
Please note that this procedure may take us up to about 3 to 5 days since we carefully check the ordered items
(we inform you with any undescribed flaws at this point), pack them and weigh the whole package.
  3. Make a payment
Once the shipping fee is confirmed, we either process your credit card or
provide you with a link to PayPal invoice where you can make a payment for the total billed amount.
The payment through PayPal is due within a week from the date we send out the invoice from our system.
PayPal account is not necessary for this payment and you can use your credit card by entering your credit card information.
All handling fees charged upon PayPal transaction are on us.
  4. Shipping
Once your payment through PayPal is confirmed or the credit card transaction is successfully authorized,
we will ship out your order via EMS right away.
Once your order is shipped out, we will inform you with EMS tracking number.

We cannot ship to the transfer company like "TENSO.com'

  Prohibited and Restricted Goods
  • Items by Country
    • Policies regarding prohibited and restricted goods differ in each country of destination.
      Please click on the following links for popular destination countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand).
    • https://event.rakuten.co.jp/borderless/infoservice/en/#05
    • * Please contact your local postal service handling EMS for information on other countries.

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  • Regarding our customers’ personal information (address, name, e-mail address, etc.), we are taking the utmost care. Your personal information may be used for, and be used only for conducting our business.
  • Matters pertaining to personal information are controlled within the confines of the law and unless required by government to disclose such information, personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties without prior written consent.



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