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Total Shipping fees = EMS shipping fees + Back-order shipping fees from the manufacturer(It's limited to items with mentioning of "delivered directly from the manufacturer" in a item name or a item discription)
Items with mentioning of "delivered directly from the manufacturer" are delivered to foreign countries after items are backordered from a manufacturer to our store once.Therefore it requires backorder shipping charge.

[Caution]The electrical appliance which is being treated at our shop is only the Japanese specification.There is difference in the voltage at each country, so movement can't be guaranteed about use at Japan oversea.(The voltage for domestic use of Japan is generally 100 volts.)Please check it in a website of a manufacturer about the specification of the voltage.We will not accept any exchange/return/refund caused by customers.



欧姆电子录音收音机黑 RAD-F830Z-K

欧姆电子录音收音机黑 RAD-F830Z-K
2X 积分! 买可获赠112积分!
$ 52.30 (¥ 5,626)


发货方式: 详细信息
支付方式: 详细信息
信用卡, PayPal, Alipay


microSD 录音收音机
您可以记录到微型 SD 卡的电台。
这个单位的话筒录音,您可以记录周围微 SD 卡的声音。
无线电站内存自动注册 (安非他明类兴奋剂。 Auto-scan 函数) 与
多达 40 个达监测站 AM / FM 分别。
直接通道选择按钮 (1 ~ 3) 好你也可以在听广播电台。
从微型 SD 卡,你可以跳过搜索重复播放。
● 电源︰ DC4.5V 电池类型 AAA x 3 书 (单独出售)
-接收频率:... 522 — — 17 时 10年千赫和调频。 760 ~ 108.0 MHz
● 天线:...... 内部的铁氧体天线,FM。 两用耳机线天线
扬声器︰ 1W x 1
-耳机插孔︰ 3.5 m m 立体声迷你插头
-为媒体︰ SDHC32GB microSD 卡 (单独出售)
人类可读的文件 / 文件夹数量。 高达 9999 的文件 / 文件夹 9999 (5 地板层验证)
人类可读的格式。 MP3
录音文件格式上这个单位。 MP3 (播放比特率 8 320 kbps)
-几个小时的连续使用的电池的说明︰ 当你使用扬声器。 11 小时 AM/FM 收音机、 microSD 卡使用约 9 小时
当使用耳机。 约 16 小时的 AM / FM 收音机、 microSD 卡使用约 14 个小时
-尺寸︰ 58 × 109 宽度高度 x 18 深度 (不包括突起)
-重量︰ 66 克 (不包括电池)
-配件︰ 立体声耳机 (脐带长度约 100),指导手册 (保修)
< < 请注意""
这个项目是从制造商直接提供产品。 不是在我们的股票。 库存只作出股票,所以那里忽然失踪而是会突然间成为绝版。 此外,由于上述原因,货到付款服务不可用。 时,因此下令产品制造商股票,再将接触客人请注意。
为此项目从制造商那里便宜航运是直接交给客户。 谢谢你区别于正常商品交货条件由于船公司使用由制造商。

○ 北海道、 冲绳和远程群岛请
这种产品的包装 (包装)
○ 由于上述原因 (直接从制造商交付) 包装不是那么提前谢谢你。
这一项目的 ○ 付款方式货到付款飞行不可用事先请询问。
○ 产品已运此 bug,我们在一周内的商品到来与联系。 制造商将直接响应。
○ 如果你固定自己在精英费用请注意,请。


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国际邮政快递EMS 国际邮政快递EMS方便快捷,可以从日本寄送到超过120个国家和地区。EMS有专业有效的邮件追踪服务和发件方保价索赔选项,专业安全服务闻名全球。另外数据显示,EMS通过海关时被截留机率最低。从日本到绝大多数国家,EMS只需一周以内就可送到。请见运费表。


信用卡, PayPal, Alipay








PayPal 本店铺接受 PayPal付款。收到本店铺确认订单的邮件之后,请使用邮件中提供的PayPal收款链接付款。
Alipay 支付总额计算如下。
支付总额 = 商品价格 + 国际运费
移动设备/手机: https://global.rakuten.com/en/help/payment/alipay_mobile.html



Cancelation Policy

After you ordered, you will receive an e-mail with the correct shipping fees and total price from our shop. Once you agree to payment, we will not accept cancellation caused by customers.

[About Paypal/Alipay]
We will cancel your order if the payment had not been properly made until the due date.

Return and Refund Policy

There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services. Please check your items, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.

We can not accept any return/refund caused by customers' preference, address unknown, overrun the storage period , and be seized by customs.

We are dealing with only Japanese specification products.
Foreign specification products and Japanese specification product are voltage and language different.
Please be careful whether corresponds to the voltage of your country.

About warranty in other countries outside of Japan

We apologize in advance for warranty in other countries outside of Japan. Basically, warranty valid only Japan. (unless, the manufacturer's warranty qualify outside of Japan as being warrantable.)

For orders from abroad, for whatever reason You can not cancel, returned goods after your order. Please understand that includes initial failure, failure, breakage failure, and all accident.

We do not handle the repair or maintenance of purchased products.

When your item is broken

when the item is damaged and delivered to the receiver,
the latter has to preserve the postal item in the current condition and make a statement
regarding the missing part of the package or damaged item in the local Post Office.

Please follow the procedure below.

1. Hold on to broken items, package and shipping materials.
They will be necessary when we apply compensation.
2. Visit the nearest post office with broken items, package, shipping materials and shipment invoice.
3. File a damage report at post office.
4. After the damage report is made, please send an email to our shop.
5. Later, we will shipping you new items.


本件商品无法由店铺直邮到 Us 美国。



运费一览 : EMS(国际快递)

注意: 汇率仅作为参考。