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We handle products in the following three categories.
    1.Diamonds and other loose gems.
    2.Original, made-to-order jewelry.
    3.Second-hand jewelry from customers in Japan for refinishing or repolis hing and resetting.
We carefully select only gems of the finest quality for all of our products. We do not handle synthetic stones. All of our gems are high quality and are a good bargain at the selling price.
All of our staff are certified gemologists with a qualification of either Graduate Gemologist (GG) of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA), and our shop belongs to major Japanese jewelry associations.
Included with the jewelry that we sell is a diamond grading report or a gem identification report from Central Gem Laboratory.

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● International Online Shopping
As Favorite Stone Jewelry GINZA 188 is a tax-free shop, international travelers who visit us in person during their stay in Japan can shop tax-free, and some direct overseas orders from our online shop may also be eligible for consumption-tax free online shopping. Conditions are as below.

  1. International online shopping is possible if the buyer resides outside Japan and the order can be shipped directly to their address.
  2. In this case, as consumption tax is exempted, the listed order price (which is set including consumption tax for domestic shoppers) will be divided by 1.08.
  3. However, insurance and shipping charges will be incurred in addition to the listed order price. (Orders will be sent as International Parcel Post.)
  4. The order will be displayed in your shopping cart as the listed price. Once the order is placed, we will subtract consumption tax, add shipping and insurance charges, and then notify you of the adjusted price by email.
  5. First-time orders may not exceed ¥300,000 in total.
  6. No returns are permitted.
  7. Any import tariffs, customs clearance fees, added-value taxes, excise taxes, or other fees incurred once the order reaches the destination country shall be borne by the customer.
  8. We accept payment by bank transfer, major credit cards.
  9. Insurance and shipping rates for some major countries are as listed below. Please contact us for details about other countries.
               Country                            Shipping                       
              Hong Kong                         ¥3,500                   
              Taiwan                                ¥3,500                                       
              Singapore                          ¥4,100                    
              USA                                   ¥4,800                        
              Australia                            ¥4,800                                    
              United Arab Emirates        ¥4,800             

   10. We may regrettably be unable to accept some orders depending on the type of product, destination                    country, amount, payment conditions, or other circumstances. Please email us for more details.




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