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World's first technology - Autolysis -
The newly developed antibacterial nano particles are designed to adhere to the bacteria.
The propagation of bacteria stops at the adhered portion, which starts the degradation process, and eventually the pathogenic bacteria are autolyzed.

High level of safety
New bacterial cell autolysis technology is designed for weak immune systems and delicate skin.
Every possible safety test was conducted with the support of a national project.
High level of safety for living organisms and the raw materials have been introduced in surgical procedures.
Reliable effectiveness for those with delicate skin.
Only bacterial cell autolysis technology with antibacterial nano particles offers clear antibacterial effects and a high level of safety!

Long-term antibacterial and anti-virus effect
The sustainability has been proven by verification data, where the antibacterial effect of AUSIRO products is maintained for a maximum of six hours or more on the palms (even after washing your hands!), for one week or more on items.

High quality
We are manufacturing processes under the strict standard and carrying out the making of environment - friendly products thoroughly.
We are committed to providing high safety and high quality-products without mass production.
Please enjoy the new silky smooth texture


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