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FLEXNOTE can attach and detach pages with easy operation such as pulling by hand, pushing with fingers.
FLEXNOTE propose new information management with various page editing functions which is the biggest feature.
Zoom 韻-Yinn-
A unique artistic of Japanese culture and spirituality. Ying is elegance and vibrancy. Feel the harmony that resonates from the depths of the heart with a new pen design.
箸 -Hashi-
Delicate Japanese chopstics are shaped over time;gradually changing from a square to a rounded cross-section and creating elegant lines graceful Kanazawa foil for abeautiful performance at hand.
Irregular shape reminiscent of sand ripples on a dry landscape; somewhat modem feeling, yet tradituonally Japanese.Appearance of independence,clothed in serenity.
Craft Design Technology 
Beautiful Scissors like a fine Samurai sword. The Scissors features a universal design that is usable in both the right and left hand. This is manufactured by the traditional and heritage work of Sword artisan in Gifu prefecture where was known as a fine sword producing district.
This high quality A5 sized notebook features a pattern on the cover based on ancient Japanese confections .
The inside of the notebook is made of a smooth textured ruled paper, and it is covered with a belly band which is created in the image of Japanese sweets' package. Available in Dark Gray, Gray or Pale Green.
#3776 CENTURY SHUNGYO Fountain Pen
Dawn of early spring, when the freeze has not yet passed. Sunlight is diffused through the silent air, turning the sky red.SHUNGYO expresses this seasonal scenery in which the dawn sky and the silhouette of Mount Fuji harmonize by using a red color on the barrel with irregular fine lines and a matte finish.
存储︰ 请不要使用简单、 小安排适合纸盒

生活方式工具系列文件 B5 型中林生活方式工具 P06May16

生活方式工具系列文件 B5 型中林生活方式工具 P06May16
  • 生活方式工具系列文件 B5 型中林生活方式工具 P06May16
  • 生活方式工具系列文件 B5 型中林生活方式工具 P06May16
  • 生活方式工具系列文件 B5 型中林生活方式工具 P06May16
2X 积分! 买可获赠44积分!
$ 20.61 (¥ 2,235)
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国际邮政快递EMS, 邮政小包裹平邮, JP Post REGISTERED AIR Small Packet
支付方式: 详细信息
信用卡, 银联, PayPal


文件存储设备适合新组织的生活方式的小工具 !
适合于组织的小件物品在大小和形状不同 ! 显然是你的办公桌或书架以及"一箱"到出版的报纸套管
• 纸张存储产品适合小安排,文具和化妆品等。
-使的印象,因为它的形状像一盒或文件是封闭的、 整洁的办公桌
-首发阵容是箱型 (2 尺寸) 和类型 (大小为 2)
车身颜色是三种颜色 (深蓝 / 勃艮第和黑色) 可以选择从

留下的印象,因为它的形状像一盒或文件是封闭的、 整洁的办公桌
框中,键入 在简单的方方正正的形状围绕办公桌文具和邮票配件存储
文件类型 采取一张书名卡填上后面的存储内容和弹出环孔
尺寸︰ 宽度 212 × 长度 62 x 高度 266 毫米重量︰ 约 450 g
宽度 88 x h 88 x 高度 245 毫米重量︰ 约 238 g
材料︰ 纸、 钕磁铁和钢


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国际邮政快递EMS, 邮政小包裹平邮, JP Post REGISTERED AIR Small Packet

国际邮政快递EMS 国际邮政快递EMS方便快捷,可以从日本寄送到超过120个国家和地区。EMS有专业有效的邮件追踪服务和发件方保价索赔选项,专业安全服务闻名全球。另外数据显示,EMS通过海关时被截留机率最低。从日本到绝大多数国家,EMS只需一周以内就可送到。请见运费表。
邮政小包裹平邮 邮政小包裹平邮服务只限2公斤以下的包裹。相比EMS,此项服务费用更低。请注意,平邮服务不能追踪邮件,也无法保价索赔,因此安全性相比EMS显著降低。如果发生丢件,店铺无法帮助买家索赔,买家将自行承担损失。另外,平邮所需时间也较长;如果着急收到商品,请勿选择平邮。具体运费因目的地不同变化。
JP Post REGISTERED AIR Small Packet If you wish to have tracking, please choose Registered mail or choose Rakuten International Shipping Services(EMS: Express Mail Service).

・Small items under 2kg can be sent for a cheaper price comparing to EMS
(International Express Mail) .
・The items are sent by airmail. Tracking service is available for some countries.
・There is also a maximum 6000-yen insurance.



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UnionPay The “Payment Amount” is calculated as below.
“Payment Amount” = Product price total + shipping fee
Upon confirming your order, we will send you a link to make a payment via UnionPay’s secure payment page.
You must finish the payment process before the deadline to complete your order.
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We will not accept cancellation caused by customers.
We will cancel your order if the payment had not been properly made until the due date.
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Matters pertaining to personal information are controlled within the confines of the law and unless required by government to disclose such information, personal information


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运费一览 : EMS(国际快递)

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