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kamoi/鳟鱼大王带子1包mt1P方眼、普通话MT01D394★野鸭井的宽15mm的masute 2017弹簧&财basic color&deco series★

kamoi/鳟鱼大王带子1包mt1P方眼、普通话MT01D394★野鸭井的宽15mm的masute 2017弹簧&财basic color&deco series★
  • kamoi/鳟鱼大王带子1包mt1P方眼、普通话MT01D394★野鸭井的宽15mm的masute 2017弹簧&财basic color&deco series★
  • kamoi/鳟鱼大王带子1包mt1P方眼、普通话MT01D394★野鸭井的宽15mm的masute 2017弹簧&财basic color&deco series★
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国际邮政快递EMS, International ePacket [small baggage, low-price]
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basic color & deco series




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国际邮政快递EMS, International ePacket [small baggage, low-price]

国际邮政快递EMS 国际邮政快递EMS方便快捷,可以从日本寄送到超过120个国家和地区。EMS有专业有效的邮件追踪服务和发件方保价索赔选项,专业安全服务闻名全球。另外数据显示,EMS通过海关时被截留机率最低。从日本到绝大多数国家,EMS只需一周以内就可送到。请见运费表。
International ePacket [small baggage, low-price] [ International ePacket by Japan post] lower-price than EMS

Please select this option to ship a small and light baggage abroad by low-price servise.

SIZE: Length + Width + Thickness = 90cm. Please note that the maximum length is 60cm.
Maximum weight of the item is 2kg.
Maximum compensation is 6,000yen for actual damages.
Tracking is available for some destinations.
It is faster than SAL, but the number of days until the delivery varies depending on the transportation, customs clearance as well as the mail handling procedures and other factors in the country of destination.

For more informations, please check the website of Japan post.

Shipping fee will be advised from this shop later for your order confirmation by mail.

If the goods are out of stock, we must order to the manufacturer. It may take about one or two weeks to sent shipping fee notice. When you agree with the notice, please reply the mail as " I confirm the order ". After receiving your confirmation, we ship the items.
We charge ePacket fee and additionally  100yen for shipping abroad.

Customs duty and other taxes may be levied additionally when the shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office. Policies on those taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your country for more details.

[ Flow from order to delivery ]

1) After placing an order, an automatic reply in English or Japanese will be sent to you. Please note that the shipping fees mentioned in this e-mail are only applied to delivery in Japan, and not applicable for delivery outside of Japan.

2) Soon after the automatic reply, you will receive an e-mail with the fixed shipping fee and item price from our shop. Please check the total amount due.

3) Your ordered items will be shipped out only after your payment is settled.

Please understand there will be delays depending upon customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.

For efficient work, we send the ePacket packages intensively on Saturday every week.
 1. You place an order.
 2. We prepaire the items.
 3. We send you a mail about items and shipping fee.
 4. You confirm the order by replying above.
 5. On Saturday, we ship the items that we received the comfirmation mail by Thursday.

For foreign customers. We are sorry that we can not bandle two or more orders as one baggage. And we can not change contents of the order such as amount, addition, destination or so. Please check through before you order, and please place an order all of the items that you want at once. Two or more orders would be handled separately. If there ware any mistake, please tell us by e-mail as soon as possible.



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本件商品无法由店铺直邮到 Us 美国。



运费一览 : EMS(国际快递)

注意: 汇率仅作为参考。