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Looking for Kimono? Yukata? Many Japanese products you want are here! Find your own one!
Hello! My name is Sadao Matsumoto.
I'm a manager of Nagomiya Japan, a Kimono shop at Rakuten Ichiba.

Our Kimono Shop was founded in 1911 (Meiji era) by my great-grandmother and I am the forth-generation owner.
After my father passed away, I decided to succeed my family business in a new style, and opened Nagomiya in Yokohama City, Japan in 2006.
Since I had been working as a computer system engineer for ten years, I challenged myself to open an online shop in 2008 making the best use of my computer knowledge.

Kimono is the best outfit that you can feel "Wa" which Japenese value.

In Japanese, "Wa" has various meanings such as "Combination", "Friendship", "Harmony", "Cooperation", "Feeling at ease ("Nagomi" in Japanese)" and so on.
These concepts are firmly rooted in the minds of Japanese over many years.

Our corporate philosophy is "Wa wo Tsukuru. Wa de Nagomu."
That means "Let's create 'Wa'. Feel at ease with 'Wa'. "
We're doing our best everyday for customers not only in Japan but also around the world to make them feel at ease ("Nagomi" in Japanese). 
We look forward to seeing you at our website, Nagomiya Japan and please feel at ease with Kimono and Kimono accessories.

Nagomiya Japan Shop Manager
Sadao Matsumoto

[Shop Email Address] nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp

(Ask us anytime, our knowledgable staffs help your shopping.)



公司名称 Nagomiya Co., Ltd
店铺名称 Kimono Nagomiya Shop Manager Sadao Matsumoto
店铺地址 1-17-22-401 Nakagawa Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-city Kanagawa 224-0001
店铺电话 +81-45-915-7538
店铺传真 +81-45-507-7271


Standard Shipping

If you select “Standard Shipping”, your packet will be shipped via Japan Post's "e-packet" or "EMS".
*The best option with a lower price will be set automatically at the time of the shipment.
*If you want to get your items as soon as possible, please select "Expedited Shipping" option.

Before checking out of your order, please read carefully the following guidance of the international Shipping.

Expedited Shipping

If you select “Expedited Shipping”, your packet will be shipped via Japan Post's "EMS".

Before checking out of your order, please read carefully the following guidance of the international Shipping.










本店铺接受 PayPal付款。收到本店铺确认订单的邮件之后,请使用邮件中提供的PayPal收款链接付款。


支付总额 = 商品价格 + 国际运费 


We have strived to supply the best service for all our customers and hope that our customers can be satisfied with their orders.

However please be aware that after shipment, Kimono Nagomiya do not accept either order cancel or exchange or refund for any reasons bellow.

1. Change of mind.
2. Individual reasons.
3. Incorrect products order.
4. Delayed delivery as international shipping parcels dispatched.
5. Different color, brightness, saturation from the image displayed on the screen.
6. Choose the wrong size.
7. Mistook it as a set item.
8. Production specifications.
9. Sewing method, sewing thread etc.
10. Complaint after you tried on, used, washed.

We have no responsibility to refund your payment for a defective product unless the following 2 situations.

1. Missing items, wrong items in your parcel.
2. JP Post service or the local post service confirmed as the EMS insurance coverage for loss, damage and delay of your parcel.
Important Information

[Shipping Schedule]

Your packet is shipped within 2 business days from the date after we confirm your payment.
If you wish to cancel or update some order information, please request us at nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp, within 24 hours from your order date.
*We do not accept cancellation after shipment.

Notice: Japanese holidays term such as new year(From the end of DEC to the beginning of JAN), summer holiday(Mid of AUG),the shipping may need additional days to be completed.

[Shipping & Packing Fee]

The total amount including the shipping & packing fee is announced via e-mail after we receive your order.

*The automatic confirmation mail by Rakuten Ichiba doesn't include the Shipping & packing fee. For checking your total amount, please refer to the e-mail from our shop.
*The shipping fee described on the shipping documents is just for the shipping, so it doesn't match with the fee we charge on your order.

[About Customs, Duties & Taxes]

1) The Japanese consumption duty is charged on all order, as the commission charge of the international shipping.

2) Customs Duties and Import Duties may be charged on your items at the customs in your country. In that case, please pay that fee and tax to the delivery agents or customs office directly.

3) The import regulations are different in each county, to know more about it, please contact the customs of your country directly.


1) If you have any question, please email us at nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp

2) The tracking number is stated in the shipping note which you receive after your parcel is shipped.

3) We DO NOT accept any request for illegal document issue. (ex : Undervalued invoice / Indicating a Gift instead of Merchandise)

4) Returning or Exchanging after shipping is unacceptable.
Please carefully read the product description before you check out your order.
If you can't see something about the products, please ask us at  nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp

5) When the package is returned to us because the delivery destination is unknown, or the package is past the storage period at the post office, you will be charged the one-way shipping fee and the restocking fee (300JPY).
(We will refund only for the items.)