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Yuriko matsumoto" contents

"Yuriko mastumoto" is a women's shoes that average housewife is planning.
Women's shoes of conventional was most men in the industry is responsible to plan it is still in the shoes that women wear.
Ordinary women who came to the daughter-in-law to "Matsuya store" it "yuriko matsumoto" has been planned in the sense of women.
We are planning "elegance" and "casual" to put together a focus "Mrs. Young" and "carrier".
And conscious of the late 40s from the late 20s. Raised two children in two-earner husband in "fashionable"
I am planning not a Teen in women also be interested in fashion, shoes are not silver.

"Yuriko matsumoto" bigininng

I "yuriko matsumoto" is a housewife of 45 years old with two children who've been married to women's shoes wholesaler in Osaka.
I did start I was out to do the work of design husband It was elicit a "kana? Say this shoe."
That number is growing out, I began to look like go together to the maker unawares.
Then, there is the maker me say, "I is good even if you play the insole of the original"
Husband also "maker is'm tell him much trouble, and trying to make the shoes of the generation of favorite yuriko matsumoto of Yuriko!"

Shoes that go on my can make more and more me, and of course immediately "OK !!!"

The birth of "yuriko matsumoto"!

But ............

Reaction of big spenders was straight. Customers who go home without buying anything and disappointing. Customers who say "Akanyo Once Ya~tsu self-satisfaction".

In another shock, white-black before the Bodachi state .......... first and husband? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

President of a wholesaler who was a solo exhibition in the same way next to us that you are such a dazed was beckoning as "two people and a little".

And preaching about 1 hour begins with "I'm not what you say so I brand".

But it was said to be "Try on luck one more time because there is still time" at the end.

That's right.

Start of "yuriko matsumoto" revival game!
Planning while receiving advice asked to introduce to a new maker to the president.
In addition, the phone also has been suffering even "Please try one more time to think and learn" from the best customers was zero order in the solo exhibition.
"And yuriko matsumoto collestion" was ready to redo the order of the design while husband and trial and error.

"Yuriko matsumoto" did was raised the first cry in the care of such as the president and customers on customers and companies manufacturer's and relatives of some people wholesaler. Thank you everyone.

Do not forget the original intention in the future, we will continue to the shoe making can sympathize with our customers.