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Shop Information

[International Shipping]
Shipping fee will be advised from stores for your order confirmation.
It has been set for each weight, the following tariff applies.

The following shipping tariff will be applied for Rakuten International Shipping Services.
Details click here

Japanese publication main pivot card and the card of the overseas publication, the settlement are possible.

When the card name is different from the ordered, the card settlement cannot be used.

[Consumption Tax]
Please note that the consumption tax amount shown is charged as a handling fee for international shipping.

We accept credit and debit cards.
The following credit and debit cards can be used:
American Express


UnionPay Payment Process Flow


Alipay Payment Process Flow: PC
Alipay Payment Process Flow: Mobile/Smartphone

[International Shipping]
We will not accept a cancellation of your order after shipping for overseas delivery.
We are not accept product returns or exchanges.

[Domestic Shipping]
In the event that a return is requested by the customer only unused and unopened items will be accepted for return.
In that case the round-trip shipping fee, credit commission and cash on delivery commission are taken care by purchasers.

We will cancel your order if the payment had not been properly made until the due date.