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서머 세일 반액 50% GALLERY VISCONTI 갤러리 비스콘티 꽃무늬 레이스 블라우스의 앙상블 레이디스 2019 슌카 레이스 포멀 상품 페미닌 바겐

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$79.33 (¥ 8,586)*
한정 특가! 종료일: 30/09/2019 23:59:00 JST
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SIZE サイズ表

9호 어깨 폭 버스트 웨스트 소매 길이 신장
아우터 35cm 87cm 84cm 52cm 49cm
이너 35cm 90cm 94cm 15cm 47.5cm

11호 어깨 폭 버스트 웨스트 소매 길이 신장
아우터 36cm 92cm 90cm 52cm 50.5cm
이너 36cm 92cm 97cm 16cm 48cm

SIZE Information サイズについてのご説明

아우터 9호(실치수) 어깨 폭 35 cm버스트 87 cm웨스트 84 cm소매 길이 52 cm옷길이 49 cm

이너 9호(실치수) 어깨 폭 35 cm버스트 90 cm웨스트 94 cm소매 길이 15 cm옷길이 47.5 cm

아우터 11호(실치수) 어깨 폭 36 cm버스트 92 cm웨스트 90 cm소매 길이 52 cm옷길이 50.5 cm

이너 11호(실치수) 어깨 폭 36 cm버스트 92 cm웨스트 97 cm소매 길이 16 cm옷길이 48 cm

아우터면 50%아크릴 50%
본체 폴리에스텔 65%레이온 30%
레이스면 70%나일론 30%
옷자락 레이스 폴리에스텔 100%
안감 폴리에스텔 100%

레이스 사양의 블라우스가 품위있음을 올린다
이너의 꽃무늬 레이스가 포멀감이 있어
프레인인 가디건과 착용하는 것으로 실용성이 높아집니다.
6색전개의 칼라 바리에이션으로 선택하기 쉽고
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 Please read these store information thoroughly before making a purchase.
We cannot be responsible for any troubles occurred with the failure to confirm the following information in full.

We will not accept cancellation caused by customers. Also, any return or refund due to customers will not be accepted.
Any return or refund will not be accepted for overseas delivery once order confirmation e-mail is sent out.
In case of the list below is only acceptable for cancellation.

●Different merchandise which you did not order
●Notation of wrong hallmark for merchandise
●Diffective merchandise

Once you receive the merchandise and it refers to above, please contact us within 14 days afrer we sent you a confirmation e-mail with the tracking number.
When it is past 14 days after the arrival of the merchandise, we decline all return of goods even if there is any reason.

※All the new products lay in stock of goods from manufacturer, also those are new about the clothing of "Ladies Fashion Gallery Visconti".

~Attention on Special recycling products~

Special recycling products is not proper as wearing, it is good for remake to clothing or pouch, such as your desired item to be reborn.
We won't do the following details and cannot be responsible about those matter so that we can make cost it down.

●We can not list about all defect because it is not good condition for wear.
●We do not accept the contact about confirming of size and condition.
●We do not check whether needles get mixed with Kimono or not.
●We do not ozone deodorization.

※We share stock at our other stores and automatically perform stock update every approximately five minutes, so you may not purchase depending on the timing of the order.

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