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1) Please note that item descriptions are machine-translated provided by Rakuten and may have a possibility of grammatical errors and mistranslation, or if worse, they do not make sense. Please refer the original page of Japanese and you will get the better result of translation with using Google translation or some other services.
PLEASE CAREFULLY READ CONDITION RANK of our top page (described at the bottom of the page).
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Turuya, a thrift store located in Tokyo provides finely selected luxury fashion items of famous brands at affordable prices.Lots of valuable items await you! All items are authentic.


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Condition Rank

This rank reference is our original standard based on our experienced deals. Please carefully read the detailed descriptions of an each item and purchase at your own risk. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask. E-mail: rakuten@turuya.net
Please note that items of ranked B and C may have defects which cannot be fully described and/or photographed, though we try as much as possible.

N NEW (May have been unpacked for checking.)
S UNUSED (May have very slight flaws due to displaying/storing.)
SA MINT (In a very beautiful condition, but has slight defects.)
A GOOD (Gently used. Has a few defects like small flaws, stains, color-fading and/or scratches.)
B ACCEPTABLE (Looks worn with moderate defects like flaws, dirt, stains, color-fading and/or cracks.)
C OBVIOUSLY USED (Can function, but obviously looks worn with entire flaws, large stains, color-fading, discoloring, cracks, scratches and/or tears)