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Company Profile

The big hit is a member of association of circulation self-government company in Japan.
The big hit Co., Ltd. is a member company of AACD (association of circulation self-government in Japan).
AACD (association of circulation self-government in Japan) with an organization concerned, a group and affiliates
For the formation of "the import product market" which consumers can buy in peace
I work on forgery exile.
From stages such as import, the stocking, a forgery is distinguished
I aim at the establishment of a severe check system.
Because the big hit Co., Ltd. removes unjust brand-name products,
Us's original standard judgment manual and AACD (association of circulation self-government in Japan) made it,
With the check that is fair according to "an association standard manual"
I perform the stocking, inspection.
I send only a genuine article with the stern professional eyes of the big hit from all over the world.
I work on inspection
I carry out the class of inspection, the standard judgment regularly to keep relief and the trust from a visitor in us, and I inspect it with severe professional eyes for product one point turn, and lapping, shipment work.Standard judgment
The main body, a box, a guarantee card, a bag, a seal, inspection that I use the attached parts, sewing, others us's original standard judgment manual and manual of the association together.Wound, defective article inspection
The remainder, others of an operation part check of a fastener pocket strap, attached parts, sewing, lining, the bond
Inspection that I use our original inspection manual.Lapping
By one point performs lapping not to be damaged again and completes warehousing to be easy to watch a product.Product shipment
I work on shipment without the mistake with the point-of-sale terminal system to send a product to a visitor surely.
A business day: Moon - Friday, Saturday work day with the company calendar
Call time: From 9:00 to 18:00
A regular holiday: Sunday, holiday, Saturday holiday with the company calendar
(an order supports an inquiry after business day, the following day.)
An order receptionist on the homepages is always without holiday.


Big hit Co., Ltd.〒134-0088 8-21-15, Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku, TokyoTEL: 03-5675-3466 FAX: 03-5675-1733A store administration person in charge: Makoto Nakamura (EC Division)A store security person in charge: Makoto Nakamura (Makoto Nakamura)
Store contact information: tricolore_2@shop.rakuten.co.jp
Scenery of the judgment training Inspection scenery
Standard judgment
Lapping Product shipment

판매자 개요

회사 이름 Bighit Co.,Ltd.
판매자명 Tricolore
판매자 주소 8-21-15 Nishikasai Edogawa-ku Tokyo 134-0088
판매자 전화번호 +81-3-5675-3466
판매자 팩스 번호 +81-3-5675-1733

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The “Payment Amount” is calculated as below. “Payment Amount” = Product price total + shipping fee
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반품 정책

About returned goods

●I pay perfect attention to the quality of the product,
 The case that damage, damage produced in accidents delivering,
 When a product unlike the thing of the application is sent,
 I change it with postage we burden.

●In contacting me over a telephone by all means when you want returned goods
 Please return goods within five business days after the arrival to the product.
・In the case of returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor at the time of shipment with return the postage
 Burden on visitor Please approve とさせていただきますのでご.
・By the environment of the PC, there is the case that is different from a publication image in color taste.
 The postage to be caused in the returned goods of the verge again is a burden on visitor となります.
 Approve it beforehand.
・There is the case that a product cannot prepare an exchange product by being sold out.
 On this occasion by the repayment because come to support it, thank you for your understanding beforehand.

●[when it is less than it, I decline returned goods, exchange]
・Product unlike a state in sending it
・When I cancel even one one of the bundling things such as a manual or accessories or I am lost
・The product which it is judged to have become the use
(the adhesion of the smell of a cigarette and the perfume or disassembly of the original tag)
・The product which wrinkles produced by the responsibility of the visitor in a wound and a dirt, an occasion
When it passes more than five business days from a receiving day of the product and is returned goods
・In addition, when it is judged that it is inappropriate in us

●[about repayment]
・The repayment amount of money, It is the product price (a consumption tax includes it) except the postage, the transfer fee.
※In the case of the returned goods by visitor circumstances with or without postage service,
 I have (nationwide 600 yen) for postage equivalency when I sent it.
・Bank transfer in the case of the use, Bank account of the visitor designation Pass
 I refund it.
・In the case of the credit card use, it becomes the repayment that I let a card go through.

[return address] 〒 134-0088 8-21-15, Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
      Person in charge of big hit Rakuten Co., Ltd.
      TEL: 03-5675-3466


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