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We've been introducing top quality black teas carefully selected form their origin for nearly 15years,

and proud that our teas have been highly appreciated by connoisseurs all over Japan and overseas as well.

Our goal is to provide fresh quality tea and unforgettable moments for everyone in search of true quality.

Assam CTC

If you’re in search for a deep and rich milk tea, this is definitely your ultimate choice.

These grainy leaves will release thick liquor when simmered in a milk pan, add milk, sugar and... voila! A dreamy creamy cup, just for you.

Masala Chai

Once upon a time, the pungent spices of India charmed the people so, that they sailed all over in search of its origin.
A blend of India's fresh and aromatic spices and Assam CTC,
our Masala Chai gives you the sense of travelling exotic India.

Caramel Chai

Caramel flavored CTC perfect for those with a sweet tooth!
It's both tea and sweets, what could be better for a little treat tea time!

Tea Bag Market

Complaining your too busy to brew a decent cup?
Try our tea bags!
Generally tea bags our considered to be using low-end tea leaves for the sake of price and convenience,
but our tea bags generously contain quality tea leaves,
enabling you to enjoy the same, if no better, blissful cup.


Enjoy the second season of Darjeeling, Champaign of teas.
From the much sought after Muscatel flavor to exquisite clonal teas, we offer a selection of the very best of the season.



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