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Hello, it is Rodeo Drive Rakuten Ichiba store.
Thank you very much for coming to our shop from among many Rakuten shops.

Rodeo Drive, which conducts parallel import / wholesale / retail business of overseas brand products,
In 1951 founded as "Kadoya Shop Limited Company".
Since more than half a century, we have cultivated reliable genuineness, experience and achievement along with over one million items of historical brand products.
Today as well, a full-time skilled buyer checks "authentic" one by one, and products that have been subjected to strict inspection, polishing and care
We are selling at real shops in Yokohama / Tokyo and our shop online shop.

Easier to use for everyone, we will continue to make efforts to satisfy your shopping in the future.
We are happy if you enjoy shopping with confidence.


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To customers who purchase from abroad

Import duties, customs duties, etc. are not included in the item price or shipping fee. You have these obligations to pay.
Please check with your country's customs office before purchase to see how much these additional amounts will be.

These taxes are normally levied by the shipping company during shipping or when picking up luggage. It is not an extra shipping fee.
Please understand.